Building the Church...One Person at a Time

I just got asked this question again today at the doctor’s office: “When are you going to build a church?” Maybe you’ve wondered this question yourself. And I understand. A lot of people grew up associating church with a specific building. Church was a destination. It was a landmark. It was there before they were.

“When are you going to build a church?” It’s a fair question. So I said what I always say in response to it:

“We are building a church. But the church isn’t about a building. It’s about people. So the mission of our church isn’t to build a church building. For us it’s about loving people where they’re at and helping them learn about what Jesus has done for them. And if God keeps blessing his word that we share and we need to build a church building to keep reaching more people who don’t know Jesus, then God will help us do that too.”

And so we’ve actually begun the process of trying to figure out when and where and how we can build a church building here in Franklin. But that’s not going to change our mission.

We are here to share Christ’s victory with today’s people, loving them enough to meet them where they are. And God has been so good to us as we try to stay focused on that mission. We’ve been worshiping at Showtime Cinema now for one whole year. During this time our church membership has doubled. Our Sunday morning kids’ ministry, Bible Quest, regularly has 30-40 kids in it.

I love our church. And I believe that what the New Testament says is also true about the people in our church—that “in Christ you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit” (Ephesians 2:22). This means we don’t just go to church. We are the church!

So let me just share some more exciting news about our church. This week Thursday, God-willing, our church will we get a second pastor to complement me and we’ll learn who he is. I am really pumped about this. After a couple months of planning and prayer we’ve been able to request a graduate from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

I’ll be the lead pastor who’ll focus on outreach, preaching, worship, and leadership. Our second pastor will primarily be a discipleship pastor. His main roles at first will be to teach a weekly Bible study, to get to know our people and help them find a plan for individual and family spiritual growth, and to develop and oversee a plan to connect people in small groups gathered around God’s Word on a regular basis.

So I’ll be attending the Call service at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary this Thursday morning at 10 am. If you’re interested you can also follow along via a live video feed by going to this link.

Sunday Morning Worship: We worship every Sunday at 9:30 am at Showtime Cinema movie theater in Franklin. Everyone is invited! Kids welcome. Come early for treats and coffee. For directions and more information visit our website.

Bible Quest: is our awesome ministry for kids ages 2-10 which takes place during the regular Sunday morning worship service. It is completely free. There is a safe and secure check-in process. Just bring your children a little early to register them with Cassy, our Children’s Ministry Director.

Soccer Bible Camp for kids ages 5-12 is going to be Monday August 2nd – Thursday August 5th from 1-4 pm. Online Registration soon.

Hallepalooza! is our church picnic / concert at Lion’s Legend Park in Franklin. It is going to be held Friday afternoon/evening July 9th.


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