Sunday Sermon Q and A

Twice a month, I regularly invite people at worship to text me whatever questions they have on my sermon. We then have a Q and A time during the service when I do my best to answer some of those questions. I want people to know that it’s ok to have questions and it’s good to talk about them. We’re a church that wants to honestly deal with them because, honestly, we’ve all got questions.

Well this week during the sermon…I thought it might be helpful to invite you to text or email me your questions and I could try and answer them here on my blog throughout the week.

As it turns out, either my sermon was insightfully clear or incredibly confusing (you be the judge!) because I haven’t gotten any questions to answer yet.

Well…actually it’s not that I haven’t gotten any responses or questions regarding my sermon. In fact, I’ve had more questions and responses about this sermon (actually this sermon series so far) than I’ve ever had.

And I thank God that because of Sunday’s sermon there are some hurting people now reaching out for God’s help to forgive and move forward in their lives. I am awed sometimes at the power of God’s Word to open people’s hearts, lead people to admit their struggles and the effects of sin in their lives, and to seek God’s forgiveness and strength in Christ. That I know is all the Spirit’s work.
However, because of the deeply personal nature of some of these situations for people, the questions that I did get, while really good questions, aren’t ones I can address in a blog. They are questions that require context and conversations over time.

What I can tell you though is that I think it’s awesome that through our church, real people, hurting people, are repenting of sin and finding real hope in Christ!

But if you have a question or a situation that you’re struggling with…and it's something you’re comfortable with me addressing anonymously here on this blog…please still feel free to let me know….and check back later in the week and if I have time, I’ll try and address it.

In Christ,
Pastor Ben


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