SuccessFULL Fall Kickoff

How many of you get up in the morning and think, “Today I want to be a failure”? Probably none of you…because we’re all wired to want to succeed. Success is important to people. But the question is, What really makes a person successful? Or, How do you measure success?

It seems at first like an easy question. For example, if you’re the Green Bay Packers, it’s simple. It starts Sunday. Win. That’s the measuring stick. Some people are saying Super Bowl or bust this year. Fans define success based on accomplishments, trophies, wins and losses.

Well this Sunday we’re starting a new sermon series where we’re going to see that thankfully God has a different way of defining success for our lives as followers of Christ. The question “How does God measure success?” is what we’re going to be pursuing the next 4 weeks in this new series: God Wants SuccessFULL Christians.

What does it mean to be successFULL? Come find out by joining us any Sunday, September 12-October 3 at Showtime Cinema at 9:30.

If it’s been a while, this would be a great time to come back to church after the summer.

If you’re new this would be a great series for you to come and check things out.

If you’d like, come early to grab a coffee and a bite to eat and to register your kids ages 1-10 for Bible Quest: our safe, fun kids’ ministry that takes place during the 9:30 worship service.

I would love to see you this Sunday for our new series to kickoff this Fall.


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