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In Spirit and In Truth

Many of you have mentioned to me that you can tell I really enjoy preaching. I do. I get to study a Bible text in the original languages of Greek and Hebrew to prayerfully grasp its meaning. I get to read what others have said about that text throughout the years. I get to ponder how that text relates to life today. I get to take God’s timeless truth and write (actually, it’s type) a message that applies it in timely ways to people where they’re at today—not only to lifelong believers but to brand new ones, seekers, and skeptics too. And then I try my best to memorize that message and deliver it with all the excitement and conviction that the Spirit has worked in me!

Inevitably though one of the things that happens every week is that in studying a text, I uncover many things that don’t make it into that particular Sunday’s sermon. There’s just not enough time to say it all. There never is. So I try and stick to the content that’s most relevant to the theme that I’ve come up with for t…

Freak Out...or Have Faith?

How do you react to change in your life? Do you avoid it? Or do you look for it? Do you resist it? Or do you embrace it? I have one neighbor who has repeatedly told me, “I don’t like change.” It’s definitely true that God has wired all of us with different personalities. Some personality types like to move slowly. Their motto is “Let’s not rock the boat!” or “We’ve never done it that way before so let’s proceed cautiously!”

Other personality types find new possibilities exciting. Their motto is, “Let’s consider the opportunities!” or “Let’s get on with it already!” I think in all these differences you can see God’s wisdom in wiring us all differently. In fact, not only does God give us different personalities, but we also all have different gifts and opportunities that God gives us to evaluate and use in our lives of service to Him.

I think there are 2 basic reactions we can have as God’s people to change. We can freak out...or we can have faith. The truth is that God is always work…