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In my sermon today, I made mention of the fact that I’m not a bumper sticker guy…but I did just recently put a bumper sticker on my ’96 Chrysler for the very first time. I think it’s a very cool twist off of the “coexist” bumper stickers that you see all the time.

One of the neat things about worshiping in a movie theater is that I can use the screen to show imagery and symbolism that teaches the truths of the Bible. In case you missed it this morning (or you haven’t seen my rusty red car driving around Franklin), it looks like this:

I got it from this website. And on this site there’s an informative description of what each of the symbols mean as they tell the story about what makes Jesus Christ unique among all the founders of any religion, philosophy or worldview.

C – The Open Tomb: The first symbol portrays the foundational fact of Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate proof of Jesus’ divinity and work. Such a tremendous event c…

New Sermon Series

Hello Friends,

Everybody’s got "faith," right? In other words everybody puts their trust in someone or something. Maybe it’s a doctor. Maybe it’s a politician. Maybe it’s a savings account. Maybe it’s their own street smarts. Maybe it’s the words of a particular motivational speaker or a preacher on TV. But let’s be real. When people say, “You just gotta have faith,” what are they saying? Because not all kinds of faith are the same, are they?

Tomorrow at Victory of the Lamb we're starting a sermon series called Radical Faith where we’re going to be talking about faith from a radically different perspective than how a lot of people look at it. We're going to talk about faith with a firm foundation. Faith you can build your future on. We’re going to talk about a solid faith that you can sink your spiritual teeth into. This series is going to search some great stories from the Old Testament so that we can learn that self-confidence is no substitute for Christ-confidence…