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Don't Forget 9/11

Where were you when…? That’s usually a question people ask when you’ve lived through a shared national experience you couldn’t possibly ever forget. And some things you don’t want to forget. A moon landing. A wall coming down in Berlin. Even a super bowl victory. Some things though we might wish we could forget. Pearl Harbor. A presidential assassination. 9/11.

For my generation there has been no event like 9/11, a day that changed our country’s very way of life and how we see the world. It’s a day so seared into our national memory that we need only those three numbers, 9-1-1, to bring it to mind—even though in many ways it’s a day we’d like to forget.

Yet it’s a day we must not forget. We must remember the victims. We must remember the heroes. To remember them is to honor and value them.

Yet we must also remember the terrorists who took down the Twin Towers in the name of their god. They believed those of us who disagreed with them are infidels. They believed by killing themselves a…

"Power-Packed" Starts Sunday

The big idea: We end the summer by taking a close look at four of the shortest books of the Bible. But don’t let their length fool you. These ancient postcards are packed with timeless truths. Besides revealing some fascinating details about the first century church’s character, they also reinforce the nature of God’s heart. The ink on the postcards is as fresh as if they had just been sent yesterday. Their applications are as personal as if each one was addressed to you.

August 14: Philemon—Restoring the Fallen

In this heartfelt intercession on behalf of a runaway slave Paul helps us see that Christianity does not help a man escape his past by running away from it, but enables him to face it through forgiveness.

August 21: 2 John—Treasuring the Truth

There is a great need in the life of a Christian to balance truth and love. Our challenge is finding and keeping this balance.

August 28: 3 John—Walking Together

“How good and pleasant it is,” the psalmist says, “when brothers live together…