Still a Go at Showtime

This past week Showtime Cinema here in Franklin was recently acquired by Marcus Theatres. A lot you have been wondering, "What does this mean for Votl?"

Well the good news is that it sounds like nothing major's going to change for us. I got to meet with the new general manager today this week. He knew our church met there and is happy to have our church continue to meet there. He seems like a great guy. Marcus Theatres have a history of being welcoming to churches. I was given a new key to get in the building. I took that as a good sign!

So...I know some of you were praying about the situation and I want to thank you for that. Some of you asked, "Are we going to have church on Sunday?" And the answer of course is Yes!

God has taught me personally a lot over the past five years of starting a church from scratch and I can honestly say I wasn't really sweating this one. As always Jesus is at the right hand of the Father working out all things for our good. He's in control even when things aren't in our control. I know that's also true for whatever other future opportunities God has in store for us as a church.

Finally, I want to mention that over the last couple years I got to know a lot of people who will no longer be at Showtime. I always really appreciated their help in allowing us to meet and worship there. I definitely wish them the best and God's blessings even as I get to know new people there now too.

In His grip,
Pastor Ben


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