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Howdy Friends,

Yesterday was a great day. We had a nice crowd for worship. Bible Quest re-expanded to serve kids through 5th grade. We began our journey together through the Bible using The Story. I was extremely excited to see such a great turnout for the introductory session yesterday. I am praying that everyone who was there and even more of you will come aboard as we really get going our journey together this Sunday at 8:30. I think this journey together is going to be one of the most beneficial things we’ve ever done as a church. Please consider how you can be a part of it.

Just a quick reminder that there are a number of different ways to experience The Story.

  1. There are of course the readings themselves. For example, please read through chapter 1 for this coming Sunday. Suggestion for parents: read your kids the same story using the appropriate kids’ version of The Story before bed and say a prayer afterwards. Or with older kids you could have a discussion after supper about how what you read applies to your family.
  2. There are the group sessions which I will lead from here on out at 8:30 am in theater #1 at Showtime pending any changes.
  1. There is The Story Blog online which you can interact with during the week.  Please be sure and check it out as there is some great content on there already. You can access the blog by clicking on The Story graphic from our website homepage or directly at
  1. We hope to record video from the Sunday morning group sessions so that if you miss a Sunday you can watch it online.
 Have a great week in the Lord, everybody!

Pastor Ben


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