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Questions Kids Ask Their Parents

After talking one Sunday morning after church with Larry J it sounded like a fun idea to do a series on the simple yet profound questions that children I'm inviting your input.

If you've got some time this week, please take a brief survey that I created to help me compile a number of questions I might develop into a sermon series. Just follow the link below. Thanks!

Questions Kids Ask Their Parents

Father's Day Leftovers

Yesterday while preaching on Job 1:1-5 for Father's Day, I realized that I am a truly rich man. As I was reading how Job had so much worldly wealth (think a garage full of camels, not cars) I could see my wife and kids sitting in the front row of chairs and a thought struck me: Even though Job was an enormously wealthy man, "the greatest man among the people of the East", what made him truly rich was his faith and his family. Job was wise because he realized this--that this true wealth was not found in his financial situation but in his family and his faith in God.

There can be a big difference sometimes between having lots of stuff or money and having true riches. On the one hand, a person can have lots of stuff yet be ultimately poor if he despises faith or neglects his family. On the other hand, a person can have little of stuff and yet be ultimately rich if he stores up treasures of faith for himself and his family. Yet these aren't always the only two options.