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Invitation to a New Year of God's Grace

Hello Friends,

Sometimes people get the impression that church is only for a select group of people - good people who've got their lives all together...sort of a country club.

That's not what we want it to be.

We know that God sincerely loves all people in Jesus Christ. And he longs for every lost sinner to find a loving home in the Church. You are invited to join us this Sunday, January 6th, as we begin a brand new sermon series and answer the question, "Is your church a "Members Only" Club?"

Here's a lineup of the questions we'll be answering in the upcoming Sundays:

Jan 6: Is your church a "members only" club?
Jan 13: Does your church have the power to change me?
Jan 20: Will I feel good when I walk out of church?
Jan 28: Will your church be patient with me?
Feb 3: Will your church challenge me?
Feb 10: Will your church fix all my problems?

Don't forget that if you can't make it in person you can always visit watch the live…

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