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Dear Friends,

Spiritually speaking, I’m a work in progress. But what happens when the progress is so... slow...? Three steps forward, two steps back. How long will God be patient me? Will your church be patient with me? Come this Sunday as we learn about God's patience. Why not bring a friend?
  • Sunday night I got to speak at the memorial service of a 23 year old young man who took his life. Friends, remember always to love each other and show compassion. What brokenness sin has caused in our world and what a need we all have for Christ. Our church’s mission and values, I believe, uniquely help us to provide a safe, friendly welcome for people who are far from God or skeptical about church yet desperate for a hope that maybe they can’t even identify—a hope we know and have in Jesus Christ our Savior. 
  • Monday at pastors’ conference we spent the day learning how to “Maximize your Bible Teaching Skills.” It was a really good, practical, hands-on workshop designed to help us understand how adults learn and how to incorporate the best teaching methodology. It made me excited for the day when we have our own facility with a well lit, flexible space that it easily adaptable for different learning environments. 
  • I got to lead the chapel service at St Jacobi Lutheran School this morning. That was sure fun. St Jacobi School designated our church for their 2nd Qtr mission offering. Over $600 was given by the students out of love for Jesus to boost our land/building fund.   
  • Briefly, St Jacobi Lutheran School in Greenfield has partnered with our church to provide Christian education for the children of families who seek it. They are hosting an open house this Sunday at 12 noon. St Jacobi has a 3K-8th grade program. It is located at 8605 W Forest Home Ave in Greenfield. For more info pick up a St Jacobi postcard on your way out of the theater Sunday morning or visit / 414.425.2040  
  • Finally, thanks to everyone who showed up at Applebees the last two weeks to give us valuable feedback regarding how we can make our small group ministry better. Over 20 people attended. Many great ideas were shared. Stay tuned!
Sharing Christ’s victory,
Pastor Ben


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