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Let Jesus Have the Shovel

Dear Friends,

What do you do when there’s a pile of wet, heavy snow 4 feet deep at the entrance of your driveway and it’s your responsibility to clear it away? Well you can shovel yourself out…until invariably the plow comes by right after you’re done and plops more wet, heavy snow in the very spot you just worked so hard to shovel out. How does that make you feel? It’s kind of demoralizing, isn’t it?

I think guilt is a lot like that. Heavy. Demoralizing. This is how it feels when you realize your sin is your responsibility but you can’t clear your guilt away. No, you can’t. Not on your own. Neither canI.

Yet this Sunday, Vicar Joe will help us to see how Jesus loved each of us so much that he chose to accept the responsibility of our guilt which he then carried away to the cross once for all so we could be forgiven. So we could live with a clear conscience. 

Let Jesus have the shovel. 

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Love Come Down

Will Your Church Fix All My Problems?

Hello Friends,

There’s a strong feeling out there that when you’re right with God, everything should go right in your life too. God helps those who help themselves... right?

But Jesus said it pretty clearly: “In this world, you will have trouble.” So what kind of impact does Jesus make on the problems you face in life?

Find out this Sunday as we conclude our sermon series: thechurch& FAQs

•    In the midst of all the snow that we had, I feel blessed to have had a window of opportunity this week to be with my sister and her family. This means I got to see my little 8 month old nephew, Malachi. Quite fun!
•    I hope you all get a chance if you haven’t yet to go online and use the spiritual gifts discovery tool. Don’t get discouraged if you tried early in the week and it wasn’t up and running. We’re pioneering in this effort and I’m really excited about helping you all discover how God has gifted you so that you can find ways to serve that will be joyful and fulfilling for you. Tha…

Will Your Church Challenge Me?

Hello Friends,

The frequently asked question that we’re dealing with Sunday is, “Will your church challenge me?” So this week on our church Facebook page we asked people to complete this sentence: “I think a church should challenge people to…” Here are some of the responses we received:

… see people the way Jesus sees them
… reach out and show people Jesus’ love in genuine ways
… read the (whole) Bible for themselves
… get together in small group settings
… step outside their comfort zones and discuss Jesus with others
… serve others
… recognize our limitations as sinful human beings, repent, and believe the gospel

Clearly there are many challenges that people feel are implied in Christ’s call, “Come, follow me.”

This Sunday in my sermon I’ll be addressing this whole idea of being challenged as we look at how not a one of us has what it takes on our own, yet we all have Jesus on our team who says, “Don’t be afraid.”

• This week I had a great meeting with Cassy (our Children’s Minis…