Let Jesus Have the Shovel

Dear Friends, 

What do you do when there’s a pile of wet, heavy snow 4 feet deep at the entrance of your driveway and it’s your responsibility to clear it away? Well you can shovel yourself out…until invariably the plow comes by right after you’re done and plops more wet, heavy snow in the very spot you just worked so hard to shovel out. How does that make you feel? It’s kind of demoralizing, isn’t it?

I think guilt is a lot like that. Heavy. Demoralizing. This is how it feels when you realize your sin is your responsibility but you can’t clear your guilt away. No, you can’t. Not on your own. Neither can I.

Yet this Sunday, Vicar Joe will help us to see how Jesus loved each of us so much that he chose to accept the responsibility of our guilt which he then carried away to the cross once for all so we could be forgiven. So we could live with a clear conscience. 

Let Jesus have the shovel. 

•    I have a new Bible 101 group starting tomorrow, 2/28. Please know that all of you, even if you’ve been a part of a Bible 101 group before, are welcome to participate. Just fill out this brief registration form. We will be meeting at the Harris Bank on 76th and Rawson from 6:30-8:00 pm. Thank you to everyone who’s registered so far. I look forward to seeing you there tomorrow!

•    My apologies for the technical difficulties we had with our audio equipment and live streaming last week.  We’ve got some faulty cables to replace and a speaker to get checked out. We are also researching best solutions for live streaming.  Thanks for your patience. 

•    In calling our Wednesday morning men’s Bible study group an “any given Wednesday” group, I think God was putting us to the test this first morning. Would anyone show up? Yes! In spite of the snow, we had a group of men there this morning enjoying Christian fellowship and beginning a study of the book of Proverbs. Thank you Jeff and Bruce for getting this new Sheep Squad started.

•    This Saturday I will be a presenter in Belle Plaine, MN at the Minnesota District Church Leaders Conference leading a 2hr hour evangelism workshop on “Sharing Christ’s Victory With Today’s People”. I hope also to use some of the work I’ve put into this workshop to develop an evangelism workshop at VotL. A chunk of my workshop in MN will be sharing the story of VotL as well. They are flying me back to Milwaukee late Saturday night so I hope to see you at church on Sunday.

•    We need to have a new church brochure to be used when canvassing the neighborhood or giving away at events. Do any of you have the desire and the skill to oversee a brochure project including elements of design, layout, and content? Let me know.

God’s blessings to all of you the rest of this week. For some of you, enjoy your snow day! For others, I pray you have a safe trip to work and back.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Ben


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