Join us on Easter!

Hello Friends,

This Sunday is Easter. Maybe for you Easter is normally a day to sleep in. Maybe it’s a day to hunt for Easter eggs with the kids. Maybe it’s a day to go out for brunch or get together with family for dinner. Maybe for you it’s a day to watch golf or, this year, some Elite Eight hoops action. (Go Marquette!)

This Sunday, I’m also inviting you to make your Easter a day to do something else… (wait for it)

go to church.

Why? Because something has happened in history you can’t ignore. Something has happened that changes everything. Jesus beat death! He came out of the grave alive! Call it a myth and you ignore the evidence. People’s lives were changed because they saw…Him. Heard…Him. Touched…Him. Cowards found courage. Skeptics became convinced. Haters were overcome by God’s amazing grace.

So come to church. Come find out why Easter isn’t just a great story to read, but a life-changing power that’s real also for you.

And by the way, here’s something I want you to know about our church, Victory of the Lamb. It's totally ok if you don’t consider yourself the church going type. It’s ok if you’re someone who’s been away from church for a long time. It’s even ok if you’re not convinced by anything I’ve just said and you have so many doubts and questions. I just want you to know that we welcome you. Come just as you are and join us on Easter at Showtime Cinema!

We also invite you to enjoy free coffee, hot chocolate, treats and goodies at our Victory Cafe in the lobby before the service starts at 9:30 am.

Got Kids? You’re welcome to come a little early and register them for Bible Quest - our Sunday morning kids' ministry that takes place during the service for kids 18 months - 5th grade. But be warned...your kids are likely to have such a good time that they're going to ask you to bring them next Sunday too! So if you don't want that to might just want to stay home :)

For more info please visit our website…

We would be so honored and excited to have you join us on Easter!

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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