Weekly Update

Dear Church Family,

Thanks for your prayers, texts, and emails regarding my family’s health this past week. Thanks for the Gatorade / crackers drop (you know who you are!).  It was all much appreciated and for the most part we’re all doing a lot better over here.  Good health is just one of the many things included in the petition “Give us this day our daily bread” and I am sure thankful to God to be regaining my energy. I’m also especially thankful for all of you who were able to come together to make the church service happen last Sunday without me. I was delighted to be able to watch on my phone via the live stream. Pretty awesome!

Anyway, a couple things I want to share this week. First of all, just a mile marker on the road. We’re getting closer on our Lenten journey to the cross. This Sunday in my sermon we will see how Jesus remained silent before Pilate—even as the mob asked that a murderer be released to them rather than the One who came as the promised Messiah. I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday and sharing the gospel with you.

  • My evangelism workshop in Minnesota last Saturday went pretty well. It was a group of about 60 people made up of church leaders, mostly laypeople, and a few pastors. It was sheer joy in being able to share the VotL story and give them some practical examples of what it looks like to love people enough to meet them where they are. 
  • Please note that this Sunday we will not be having Communion. We will celebrate the sacrament instead next Sunday, March 17th. The reason being this Sunday we welcome special guest Christian Jensen who, along with Ryan Solie, our Operation Jesus Cares team leader, will be talking to us for 15 minutes after the service about My Team Triumph. 
  • Did you get a chance to watch The Bible on the History Channel at all this week? It’s mighty impressive. Worth watching. There are some storytelling embellishments and significant inaccuracies though. Check out this review to help you appreciate what you saw in part one. 
  • I do plan on starting up regular Sunday morning Bible study again in April. We’ll have it in the theater across the hall from our worship space. More info coming. 
  • Finally, if you’re on Facebook, be sure and “like” our church Facebook page if you haven’t yet. And if you’ve got some extra time, be encouraged to post a short review of what you love about our church.

Happy Friday, everyone! God bless your day and your weekend. See you Sunday, Good Lord willing. I know some of you have been battling sickness in your families. I pray God grants you relief and restores you to health.

In Christ,

Pastor Ben


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