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Life Under the Sun

Dear Friends,

I heard a great quote in conversation yesterday: “Life without the Gospel is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” Yikes, huh!

But that’s also why I’m really excited to take you on a journey with me into a new sermon series starting this Sunday on the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. Go ahead and read through it before Sunday. It’s only 12 chapters long. You can read it out loud in 40 minutes. Give it a try.

Don’t be surprised though when you don’t hear anything in there about Jesus. There’s precious little in there in fact that we would call “Gospel.”

Yet Ecclesiastes has a message we need to hear. All of us.

Life under the sun is meaningless. All of it.

"Say what, Pastor Ben?" That’s why in order to find meaning “under the sun”…we need to look above and beyond the sun. Ecclesiastes makes us aware of a void that only God can fill. This is what I’m excited to help you see starting this Sunday. You won’t want to miss the series opener.

Victory News

Dear Friends,

Do you ever feel pressured? Do you ever feel stressed? Do you ever feel tired? Come to church this Sunday and be refreshed! That’s right…refreshed. Ahhhhh.

I am very excited to wrap up our series Catch the Wave by sharing what I believe will be a very helpful sermon this Sunday. I want to help all of us not only be refreshed by the gospel, but also see ourselves as refreshing people with the gospel.

Imagine if inviting people to church wasn’t about trying to recruit people who are resistant, but simply inviting weary people to come be refreshed by God’s love!

•    I’ve got an awesome victory story for you this week… Yesterday I went to baptize three people. But then dad surprised us all by wanting to be baptized too to make it four! Congratulations to Scott, Sue, Jessica, and Shaun! I am so humbled by God’s grace and so thankful for the opportunity to see the spontaneous joy of the Spirit given through baptism. I look forward to helping you all grow closer to y…

Moving Forward as the Church

Dear Church,

As we move forward as a family of believers, I want you to know a few things. I mean, I think you know these things already because you know me. But I’m going to say them anyway: I love the mission of Victory of the Lamb. I love our community. I love you. You are the cherished people of God. You are the church! The movie theater is just a place, just like the soccer club was just a place, just like any future building is just a place. But you…are…the…church.

It just so happens that I really enjoy having our worship services in a movie theater right now. When we moved from the Polonia Soccer Club to Showtime Cinema four years ago, I was as high as a kite because I knew the opportunity we would have to reach more people there, especially in regard to our kids’ ministry which Cassy built basically from scratch. I mean since the beginning of our church I’ve seen God grow our church from a small group meeting in a living room to a group that almost filled every s…

Let's Go Surfin' Now Sunday

Dear Friends,

“Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learning how…” Some of you may immediately recognize those as Beach Boys lyrics. Would you believe it if I told you that a Beach Boys album was actually the first CD that I owned? Granted it was some sort of a greatest hits compilation disc and I’m sure it didn’t match the quality of the original LP ;)

But seriously friends, have you caught the wave yet? I hope you could tell I was a little excited preaching the last two Sundays about the impact that the gospel has in people’s lives not only around the world but also in our own neighborhoods.

This Sunday is another opportunity where I hope you can also catch the wave of the gospel. Vicar Joe will be helping us see the joy a person’s life changed by Jesus (see Acts 3:1-10). He’s going to help us see how each of us has a story of life change too. Never underestimate what God can do for others through your own personal story of God’s redemptive grace either. I dream of a day when stories of …

Weekly Victory News

Dear Friends,

Many well-meaning Christian people have this crazy idea that sharing Jesus is complicated. They’re self-conscious that only those who’ve got the Bible memorized should try it.

Well... No one’s got the Bible memorized. So sharing Jesus has got to be simpler than we think. Look back at the early Church. You’ll see believers just living their faith and loving each other. And the Lord kept adding to their number daily those who were being saved!

Turns out, faith and love are the heart of a contagious (in a good way!) church. Where faith and love thrived, church then became more than a one-day-a-week thing for them. It was a passion that consumed them. A way of life that drew outsiders in.

So join us this Sunday on Mother’s Day for week 2 of our series Catch the Wave. We’re setting our sights on what God is doing through the gospel wave of his forgiving love.

•    Exciting news! As of this week we have an accepted offer on the Hwy 36 land. We have already begun planning for …

Catch the Wave

Dear Friends,

When Jesus told his disciples they would be his witnesses to the ends of the earth, he wasn’t kidding. You’d be surprised by the magnitude of God’s work through his Church all over the world!

Join us this Sunday for the kickoff of a new sermon series called "Catch the Wave!" We'll begin a 4 week trip through the first couple chapters of the book of Acts by studying Acts 1:6-11. So come and catch the wave. It’s a whole lot bigger than you think! And as if that wasn’t reason enough to come…remember that this coming Sunday is a BIG DAY at VotL because it’s our Appeal Gathering Sunday. We hope all of you can gather together for worship and fellowship this Sunday. We’ll be distributing special packets with more information about our Path to Victory appeal. We’ll have a brief presentation about what’s coming next. We’ll get an opportunity to pray about our church’s future as we anticipate God’s blessings. And there might even be a little surprise...