Life Under the Sun

Dear Friends,

I heard a great quote in conversation yesterday: “Life without the Gospel is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” Yikes, huh!

But that’s also why I’m really excited to take you on a journey with me into a new sermon series starting this Sunday on the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. Go ahead and read through it before Sunday. It’s only 12 chapters long. You can read it out loud in 40 minutes. Give it a try.

Don’t be surprised though when you don’t hear anything in there about Jesus. There’s precious little in there in fact that we would call “Gospel.”

Yet Ecclesiastes has a message we need to hear. All of us.

Life under the sun is meaningless. All of it.

"Say what, Pastor Ben?" That’s why in order to find meaning “under the sun”…we need to look above and beyond the sun. Ecclesiastes makes us aware of a void that only God can fill. This is what I’m excited to help you see starting this Sunday. You won’t want to miss the series opener.

So invite your friends to join you. Invite that skeptic. Tell ‘em it’s ok to come skeptical. Invite that atheist neighbor. Invite them to join us as we explore nothing less than the meaning of life over the next 4 Sundays. Go online for a summary of what we’ll be talking about.

•    Also this Sunday we’ll get to celebrate along with Jimmie and Christina Rush the baptism of their daughter Livia. Yay!

•    Last Saturday, Ryan and Rebecca Solie welcomed into this world their newborn baby son, Noah. We join them in thanking and praising God for their new blessing!

•    Remember that you have until June 9th to pick up and/or return your baby bottle in support of WELS Lutherans for Life. More bottles will be available at church on Sunday.

•    Path to Victory commitments continue to come in. We received quite a few this past Sunday as well as a handful via the mail this week. Remember that June 9th is our celebration Sunday. During the service we will have an opportunity to report on the total amount of commitments made as we thank God and pray for his blessings. There’s still time for you to return your commitment card or pick up a packet to share.

•    Wetlands delineation on the Hwy 36 property is in process. The initial report is that we shouldn’t be expecting any unwelcome surprises. This is great news and reason to praise God!

•    Registration for our Soccer Bible Camp (August 6-9, for ages 4-11) is up and running. Information and registration can be found by clicking on the soccer camp graphic on our website.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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