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Dear Friends,

Many well-meaning Christian people have this crazy idea that sharing Jesus is complicated. They’re self-conscious that only those who’ve got the Bible memorized should try it.

Well... No one’s got the Bible memorized. So sharing Jesus has got to be simpler than we think. Look back at the early Church. You’ll see believers just living their faith and loving each other. And the Lord kept adding to their number daily those who were being saved!

Turns out, faith and love are the heart of a contagious (in a good way!) church. Where faith and love thrived, church then became more than a one-day-a-week thing for them. It was a passion that consumed them. A way of life that drew outsiders in.

So join us this Sunday on Mother’s Day for week 2 of our series Catch the Wave. We’re setting our sights on what God is doing through the gospel wave of his forgiving love.

•    Exciting news! As of this week we have an accepted offer on the Hwy 36 land. We have already begun planning for re-zoning, as well as other pertinent final due diligence measures. More information to come on how you can be involved in this initial process.
•    Thanks for your enthusiasm on our Path to Victory appeal. I have heard much discussion about our church's mission / vision and that is awesome! We're always happy to have conversations about that.
•    There will be additional Path to Victory informational packets at church on Sunday if you didn’t receive one. Feel free to take one to share with anyone you think would like to support our ministry of sharing Christ’s victory.
•    Please feel free to contact someone on the steering team with any questions that you may have about the Path to Victory appeal itself or the information packet. The members of the steering team and their contact info are in the weekly worship folder. Remember you can always access the previous week’s worship folders online via the Online Community under the Files tab of the Victory of the Lamb Group.
•    Join us Sunday before worship from 8:30-9:10 am in theater #6 for Bible study. All are invited.
•    Our annual Soccer Bible Camp will be August 6-9 for kids ages 4-11. Online registration coming soon. Also expect soon more info about how you can help.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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