Victory News

Dear Friends,

Do you ever feel pressured? Do you ever feel stressed? Do you ever feel tired? Come to church this Sunday and be refreshed! That’s right…refreshed. Ahhhhh.

I am very excited to wrap up our series Catch the Wave by sharing what I believe will be a very helpful sermon this Sunday. I want to help all of us not only be refreshed by the gospel, but also see ourselves as refreshing people with the gospel.

Imagine if inviting people to church wasn’t about trying to recruit people who are resistant, but simply inviting weary people to come be refreshed by God’s love!

•    I’ve got an awesome victory story for you this week… Yesterday I went to baptize three people. But then dad surprised us all by wanting to be baptized too to make it four! Congratulations to Scott, Sue, Jessica, and Shaun! I am so humbled by God’s grace and so thankful for the opportunity to see the spontaneous joy of the Spirit given through baptism. I look forward to helping you all grow closer to your Savior Jesus Christ!
•    Thank you everyone for your Path to Victory commitments this past Sunday. On June 9th we’ll have a celebration Sunday at church when we’ll announce publicly the total commitments for which we’ll thank God. Meanwhile there’s still time to turn in your commitment card if you haven’t had a change yet whether through the offering basket on Sunday, mail, etc. There’s still time to pick up additional packets to give to others too.
•    One thing I thought of just now that I want you to know: I don’t personally see your individual commitments. I don’t see your individual giving records. I’m going to just keep preaching God’s Word into your hearts and lives with love as I always do. I trust then that by the power of the Holy Spirit, God is working in all of our hearts and lives and that He will also provide for our church in whatever ways are best for us.
•    FYI that tomorrow is “Call Day” at the Seminary. This means Vicar Joe and his wife Jackie will learn where the Lord has called Joe to serve after his graduation Friday from the Seminary. Many of you I’m sure also remember Joe’s classmates Mark Reichert, Jacob Hoff, Dan Johnston, and Jeff Grundmeier who will also be receiving calls God-willing tomorrow. If you’re free tomorrow morning around 10 am you can actually join the anticipation and watch the live stream of the service at In case you’re wondering, Vicar Joe and his wife will be with us at VotL for at least a couple more weeks. Joe’s last sermon with us will be June 16th when I will be gone on vacation.
•    Last but not least…some more very happy news. Our God who is the creator and preserver of life has blessed Jimmie and Christina Rush with a baby girl. Livia Rush was born last week on May 13th. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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