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Our Best Summer Yet


Life Under the Sun, the Conclusion

Dear Friends,

I’m back from a week of camping with my family. While on our trip we experienced something of the awesome power of God. One afternoon with little warning a storm hit. There was wind. There was rain. There was hail. Hail like I’ve never seen or heard before. It was awesome—in a terrifying / mesmerizing at the same time kind of way.

Fortunately we were able to take shelter in my brother-in-law’s garage right before the storm hit. There we rode out the storm. In fact there we were able to actually enjoy it—even as we stood in awe of the awesome power we were witnessing with our eyes and hearing with our ears.  We could enjoy it because we were safe inside the shelter of the garage even though we had a tremendous respect for it.

Have you ever thought about how God is like that—awesome in power, demanding of our respect? Have you ever thought about how God’s Son Jesus is like that—a shelter from the storm, a place to safely stand?

Keep those thoughts in mind as we look ahea…

Life Under the Sun, Part 2

Dear People of God,

Did you have any “under the sun” moments this week? That’s what I’m calling those frustrating moments of futility when even your best work goes awry.

Like when I think I’ve come up with one of my best applications in a sermon ever (thank you, Frosty, for sparking the idea!) and I look you in the eye and tell you how I’m going to personally hand out to you a puzzle piece after the service and then…yeah…well …that didn’t exactly turn out the way I planned, did it? “Meaningless, meaningless” I tell you! But nah, I don’t think it was truly meaningless. God does keep you humble though.

I’m quite confident nevertheless thanks to the Spirit’s work that you were blessed last week as we began learning from the Bible book of Ecclesiastes. I know I was personally. Its wisdom sure is timeless. There’s something about the book that really resonates with me.

So I think I’ve got another perspective altering, life giving message from God to share this coming Sunday. It’…