Life Under the Sun, Part 2

Dear People of God,

Did you have any “under the sun” moments this week? That’s what I’m calling those frustrating moments of futility when even your best work goes awry.

Like when I think I’ve come up with one of my best applications in a sermon ever (thank you, Frosty, for sparking the idea!) and I look you in the eye and tell you how I’m going to personally hand out to you a puzzle piece after the service and then…yeah…well …that didn’t exactly turn out the way I planned, did it? “Meaningless, meaningless” I tell you! But nah, I don’t think it was truly meaningless. God does keep you humble though.

I’m quite confident nevertheless thanks to the Spirit’s work that you were blessed last week as we began learning from the Bible book of Ecclesiastes. I know I was personally. Its wisdom sure is timeless. There’s something about the book that really resonates with me.

So I think I’ve got another perspective altering, life giving message from God to share this coming Sunday. It’s about something I think you’ll all find very relevant and important too: work. The key question we’ll be answering together is this: Is work meaningless? Please join me this Sunday as we worship our creator God in whose love our restless hearts find rest.

•    Big day Sunday too! It’s our Celebration Sunday for our Path to Victory appeal. At the end of the service we’ll be announcing the total amount of gifts committed so if you still have a card to return make sure to put in the mail tomorrow or bring it with you to church on Sunday. We’ll still have time to tally up commitments right up until the end of the service. I’m excited to see what the finally result is and celebrate with you the many blessings of our God as we seek his glory and praise in our future together!

•    The official site survey is taking place this coming week on the Loomis Rd land. The rezoning process will be coming right around the corner once that’s done. I’m pretty excited. Stay tuned for more info on that process and how you can come to some meetings and help.

•    Remember that this Sunday from 8:30-9:10 we’ll be hosting a 4th of July Parade brainstorming session in theater #6. This is in place of our normal Bible study time. We are hoping many of you will attend and bring your creativity along with you. Along those same lines, the following Sunday, June 16th we’ll be hosting a brainstorming session for our Fall Festival which will be held in October. Please come and help!

•    Did you get a VotL Soccer Camp postcard in the mail this week? We mailed out 16,000 of them! Thanks Cindy B, Gale B, and Kathy D for helping Sarah and me sort them Sunday afternoon. We hope to hand out another 2,000 or so during the 4th of July parade and another 1,000 while canvassing. So yeah, soccer camp’s kind of a big deal. And you can help too. First of all, go online to register your own kids (which I need to do yet also). Then remember to bring back the blue sheet that Cassy stuck in your worship folder (in the back of that "Outreach Big 3 packet) from this past Sunday where you can sign up to help with soccer camp and our other outreach events.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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