Victory News - Special Guest Musician Sunday

Hello Friends,

People have a tendency to think that the cross saves us from past sin, but after we are saved, we have to take over and clean ourselves up. Not true! The same gospel that saves us also sustains us.

Come this Sunday to hear part 3 of our summer series on the book of Galatians: Undiluted Gospel! Remember too that if you’re out of town or on vacation, you can watch the live stream of the service, watch the stream recorded from any past service on our website, or catch just the sermons via podcast from our website or iTunes.

•    Special Guest Musician! This Sunday we will be welcoming guest musician Chris Driesbach to VotL who will be leading all the worship music during our Sunday service. Chris is a godly man with a great story about he came to know his Savior. Chris will be giving a mini-concert of sorts before the service, so please know that you are also invited to come early before the service (9:10 ish) to hear him play.

•    Chris and I have talked about him coming to VotL for a couple years now. He is excited to come and is not charging us a fee. In lieu of that we will have a box in the lobby to take a free will offering for him since he is making the trip up from Alabama. Likewise we will have Chris' CD's available in the lobby which he is making available at no cost but for an optional donation. Thank you also to the Andersens for hosting Chris in their home this weekend.

•    Thank you everyone who helped at the City of Franklin’s 4th of July Parade. I don’t know how many of you noticed…but some people actually gave us a standing ovation as we passed! Others stood up and put their hand over their hearts and were singing along as our band sang, “He lives! He lives! Let the world know. Let the world know that our God lives.” Click here to view some of the pictures we took from the parade.

The parade brigade
•    Today is the last day to register for soccer camp in order to make sure your child gets a T-shirt. Did you do it yet???

Have a great weekend in the Lord Jesus!

Pastor Ben


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