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Hello Friends,

This Sunday we’ll be wrapping up our series—Undiluted Gospel. I hope you’ve enjoyed studying the book of Galatians with me this summer and learning just how the gospel truly is good news—the best…news…ever!

Sunday we’ll be talking about how in the end we owe everything in our lives to Jesus Christ. We’ll learn what it means to make the undiluted gospel the theme song of our lives.

  • Remember that you can download or listen to all our previous sermons from our website. Click on the Podcast tab or go directly to the podcast page.
  • Likewise you can watch the entire service live or recorded at
  • And…did you know you can also download or print Pdfs of all our sermons from the sermon series page?
  • Just think…that means you can see, hear, read, and easily share the undiluted gospel as often as you have the opportunity!
  • Baseball fans, yes Ryan Braun is gone. Yes the Brew Crew won’t be playing in October. But why let that stop us from getting together? Join me on August 31 for some fun at Miller Park. Please RSVP this week. Easiest way is through the Online Community using this direct link. Otherwise contact Sammi Goodger.
  • If you’ve been at church the last couple weeks you may have seen the flyer for St Jacobi Lutheran School in our worship folder. We have a special partnership with St Jacobi for those of you who are interested in providing a Christian Elementary School education for your kids. For more info check out their flyer for VotL member families. They have 3K and 4K options too.
In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Ben


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