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Victory News - Peace Through Jesus

Last Sunday was a full day. In the morning we got to worship together as a church family and we had so many first time guests with us at church. In fact I got to reply to ten new connection cards this week and have already set up a couple follow-up meetings with people where I’ll get to talk more with them. It doesn’t get much better than that. God be praised! For a lot of reasons I am as excited about the future of our church as I’ve ever been.

Sunday evening also gave us another reason to praise God. After bravely battling brain cancer over the course of a year or so, Sarah’s Mom finally received the eternal victory won for her by Jesus our Savior. Our daughter Lydia pretty well summed it up when she said she felt, “A little happy. A little sad.” We will miss Mom so very much. I cannot in so few words say just how much she meant to all of us and what an inspirational example she was to so many.

But what joy it gives us to know that she is now forever free and at peace i…

Victory News - Everyone Needs Compassion

One of my favorite lines from the soccer camp video that I made was when Coach Caleb is talking about compassion and he says, “Compassion is like loving somebody when they need love a lot.” (It’s true!)

Again this Sunday we’re going to get a chance to see just how much compassion Jesus has because he is the friend of sinners. Go ahead and read Luke 7:36-50 ahead of time. Think about the courage and the conviction that it took for the sinful woman to enter the Pharisees' house.

When we understand the true depth of our own sinfulness, then we can’t help but marvel at the magnitude of Jesus’ compassion and love for us too. It’s really this kind of deep appreciation for Jesus’ love that makes us want to be a church that welcomes sinners and shows them compassion too just like Jesus did.
This week I met with Ben Reichel. Ben’s going to be our new Student Assistant, or Senior Vicar, this school year. I’m excited to introduce him to you this Sunday. Ben just got back from ser…

Victory News - The Great Physician

Hello Friends,

“It’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” – Jesus Christ

It’s the word no one ever wants to hear. Cancer. But when they hear it, it’s amazing the action. Information is sought. The internet is searched. People want the best hospital or cancer center. The best doctor or surgeon. Swift action. Aggressive  treatment. They want a cure. And that’s all just fine.

But Jesus wasn’t talking here about seeking help for our bodies when they’re sick. He was talking about the greater need of our souls. Our physical health, sure that’s important…now. But our spiritual health…who can put a value on forever?

Is your soul healthy? Is it sick? Who’s your Doctor? Don’t rush the questions. They’re important. That’s why I encourage you to come to church at Victory of the Lamb this Sunday to hear a message about how Jesus is not only your best friend but your great physician—the only One who can both diagnose the real problem and deliver the remedy.

Did you watch the so…

Victory News - Soccer Camp Sunday

Hello Friends,

What an awesome week! Our Victory Soccer Bible Camp has been in full swing. Today is the last day of our camp with a special cookout taking place right after camp at 4:30 for all the parents, coaches, and kids. Thank you to all our coaches and helpers! It’s very rewarding to see everything come together with coaches and kids having so much fun not only playing soccer but learning about Paul’s adventures in telling people about Jesus. The set, the songs, the story telling has all been terrific.

This Sunday is our special Soccer Camp Sunday which means we are inviting all the kids from soccer camp to come and sing their two special songs with us in church. Extra special this year is that our worship will be led by guest band Fide—a group made up of students from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. The guys from Fide have been with us all week helping out in a major way with soccer camp. One of the guys, Caleb Schultz, will also be guest preaching for me this Sunday…