Thursday, August 15, 2013

Victory News - The Great Physician

Hello Friends,

“It’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” – Jesus Christ

It’s the word no one ever wants to hear. Cancer. But when they hear it, it’s amazing the action. Information is sought. The internet is searched. People want the best hospital or cancer center. The best doctor or surgeon. Swift action. Aggressive  treatment. They want a cure. And that’s all just fine.

But Jesus wasn’t talking here about seeking help for our bodies when they’re sick. He was talking about the greater need of our souls. Our physical health, sure that’s important…now. But our spiritual health…who can put a value on forever?

Is your soul healthy? Is it sick? Who’s your Doctor? Don’t rush the questions. They’re important. That’s why I encourage you to come to church at Victory of the Lamb this Sunday to hear a message about how Jesus is not only your best friend but your great physician—the only One who can both diagnose the real problem and deliver the remedy.

  • Did you watch the soccer camp video I made yet? Thanks again, everyone, for helping make a difference in the lives of kids from our community! You can also view pics on our church Facebook page thanks to Nancy T our all-star photographer.
  • I thought it would be fun to share that because of soccer camp pics on our Facebook page this week, we had a weekly reach of 3,246 views with 20 new “likes” to our page. That is incredible!

    I just really like this picture. Ninja soccer!
  • Thank you for giving a special offering last week for our guest band, Fide. We were able to give them over $800 as an expression of our thanks. I asked for generosity toward them and you came through big time. So thanks for showing the love of Jesus in such a generous way. I know that gift will be much appreciated by them all.
  • This week Becky, Larry, Jeff and I met with the Mayor and an Alderman regarding the rezoning of the Loomis Rd property. We’ll be having another conversation with them before submitting the formal paperwork for rezoning. In fact many conversations are ongoing in this process even before the formal paperwork is filed with all our application fees.
  • At the Franklin Night Out last week Monday I made a connection with an amazing group of people here in Franklin called Kayla’s Krew. They are raising funds to build a playground here in Franklin where children and adults of all abilities can come together to play. I’m very excited to continue talking with them how we can help them as a church family to make their dream a reality here in this community. Check out their website to learn more.
  • Remember: Bible study is ongoing at 8:30 am every Sunday in theater #6. Frosty Bivens is teaching on the Beatitudes of Jesus found in Matthew 5. Seriously folks, I know it’s summer. I know it’s early in the morning. But you will find it a blessing to attend!
  • Jr. High Confirmation Class – Thank you everyone who’s contacted me so far with updated information. Parents, even if your children were in the class this past year, please let me know if they will be in class again this year and if you could email me a list of their names and your best email/cell # for contacting you…that would be much appreciated.
See you Sunday, God willing.

In Christ,

Pastor Ben

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