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Victory News

Dear Friends,

The last two weeks for me have been joyfully busy. I’m as excited right now for the future of our church as I’ve ever been! I’m also happy therefore in the midst of the busyness to welcome back to VotL this Sunday our friend Caleb Schultz. Caleb is one of the Fide band members who helped out at our soccer camp this August and preached for me. As a second year student at the Seminary, Caleb needs to have an Old Testament sermon video recorded for reviewing with his homiletics professor. We just happen to have a series that I could work him into for that. So this Sunday Caleb’s going to continue our series “Me Without You” with a message based on the prophet Amos. It’s a message from an ancient prophet that I think you’re actually going to find very relevant to our world and your lives today.
Tonight I finished up with another Bible 301 group. Congratulations to Rick, Sue, Jordan and Kristina for completing my whole Bible 101-301 course! What this means then t…

Victory News - LIVESTRONG in the LORD

Superman. Iron Man. Samson.


Kryptonite. A weak heart. Philistine women.

What about you?

This Sunday as we continue our series “Me Without You” we’ll learn an important lesson from the story of Samson in the Bible (Judges 13-16) regarding the nature of true strength. We’ll see a man who was given the gift of superhuman strength become incredibly weak when he failed to acknowledge and glorify God as the Giver. We’ll learn that you can only live (and die) strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. As I used to sing as a child, “We are weak, but He is strong!” (from the children’s song “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”)

Don’t think you need to hear this message? You think you’re good enough, tough enough, strong enough, (dare I say it for some of you) man enough to hold it together on your own without God? Well then I challenge you with these words: “If you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!” (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Come this Sunday and learn how you …

Week Two of Me Without You

Come to Victory of the Lamb this Sunday and you will learn how to sin and get away with it.

Well, at least that’s what Aaron and Israelites sort of thought that they could do in Exodus chapter 32—for a while anyway.

But come on, be honest. Isn’t it crazy how deep down there’s something inside of you that would love for my first sentence up above to be true? (That something is what the Bible calls the sinful nature. I know because I’ve got one too.)

After all as human beings we like to have good reasons for everything we do, don’t we? Usually we can manufacture some sort of good sounding reasons. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Everybody else is doing it.  It’s not like it’s hurting anybody else. 
If we didn’t have good reasons, we wouldn’t do it, right? And so over time we become quite accomplished at coming up with clever ways of covering up, rationalizing, or simply explaining our choices in ways that make sense to us.

Yet when we start coming up with “good reasons” …

Me Without You

There’s a song that some of you may have heard if you listen to Christian contemporary music. It’s called “Me Without You” by the hip hop-rock-pop musician Toby Mac. The song attempts to answer the question about God, “Where would I be without You?”

In our series starting this Sunday, we’re going to answer that very question too by digging into some Old Testament scriptures. Our back-to-school series brings us face to face with the spiritual weaknesses that plagued the Bible’s heroes and villains of old.

What’s amazing is how incredibly contemporary their stories are. As their stories speak to our own individual life stories, our comfort is Jesus, who alone can rescue us from both the guilt and the tyranny of our sinful nature.

That’s why the New Testament encourages us that everything that was written in the past was written for our benefit, “so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope” (Romans 15:4).

Come find …