Thursday, September 26, 2013

Victory News

Dear Friends,

The last two weeks for me have been joyfully busy. I’m as excited right now for the future of our church as I’ve ever been! I’m also happy therefore in the midst of the busyness to welcome back to VotL this Sunday our friend Caleb Schultz. Caleb is one of the Fide band members who helped out at our soccer camp this August and preached for me. As a second year student at the Seminary, Caleb needs to have an Old Testament sermon video recorded for reviewing with his homiletics professor. We just happen to have a series that I could work him into for that. So this Sunday Caleb’s going to continue our series “Me Without You” with a message based on the prophet Amos. It’s a message from an ancient prophet that I think you’re actually going to find very relevant to our world and your lives today.
  • Tonight I finished up with another Bible 301 group. Congratulations to Rick, Sue, Jordan and Kristina for completing my whole Bible 101-301 course! What this means then too is that I’m looking to start a new Bible 101 group this October. So if you haven’t yet taken Bible 101 with me, now’s your chance to let me know what days/times work best for you. But even if you’ve been part of a Bible 101 group before, now’s a good time also for you to invite someone else to take it again with you. Think how awesome it would be to give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to work on someone else’s heart when they get to study his Word and hear the Gospel with you!
  • The Fall session of Sheep Squads is underway. Visit our website for more info. You can also contact Daniel Tomczyk, our small groups coordinator, by email at or phone at 414-367-8009.
  • Our church’s Fall Family Festival will be on Saturday afternoon, October 5th from 2-5 pm at Lions Legend Park in Franklin (the park just southeast of the library). Thank you everyone who’s already signed up to help. There will be pumpkin painting, caramel apples, two bounce houses, and free tours of Franklin’s historical buildings from 3:30-5:00pm thanks to the Franklin Historical Society. Make plans to just come hang out and have fun. I will undoubtedly also have a football with me and I’m hoping I might have a few more receivers to throw to this year!
    Saturday, October 5th, 2-5 pm at Lions Legend Park
  • This week a couple of us met at length with our District Mission Board leaders to discuss the future of VotL in our community as far as site options are concerned. Mission Counselor Ed Schuppe (whom I know many of you have met before) came up from Atlanta to spend time with us. As one blessing of being connected with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, the Mission Board provides us with valuable mentoring, counsel, coaching, prayer, and support as we evaluate everything from different site options, site plans, ministry programs, community relationships, and financing through the Church Extension Fund which helps mission churches like ours.
  • Two years ago I prayed very specifically to God, asking him regarding our church’s future to surprise me with something I hadn’t even considered before. Well over the last two months God has been doing that and I couldn’t be more excited. You’ve heard me communicate over the last month or so about a wonderful group of people in Franklin called Kayla’s Krew. Their mission is to build a large, all-accessible, all-inclusive playground here in Franklin for kids and adults of all abilities to play together. Now after two months of conversations I’m excited that it looks to be a mutually agreeable possibility for our church to provide the place for their playground to be built in way that would bless the community and be a true community partnership. We continue to talk as we work toward making this dream a reality.
  • Many of you have gotten to meet Kathy and Debbie at church. They are the ladies who receive transportation to VotL from a group home here in Franklin. Well this Saturday morning I’ll be getting to push Debbie as a “captain” in the Brewers mini-marathon / 10 K race with me as one of her “angels” with My Team Triumph. This will be my first My Team Triumph race. I’m really looking forward to it and I know Debbie is too! And I won’t be the only person from VotL involved in this race either. I think the majority of MTT people Saturday are actually going to be from our church including runners, volunteers, and captain Cody. How great is that that we can show the love of Jesus in this way!?
  • If any of you can come early Sunday morning for set-up this week that would be a blessing to us. Showtime Cinema is now being required to open its doors for some movies starting at 11:00 am. I think we’ve worked out with management most of the kinks that we experienced last week so that we should be able to continue our Bible Quest ministry running smoothly for the time being. We’re going to have to do some moving things around however to make this happen. It will probably involve storing our Victory Café equipment in a different theater and rearranging some of our Bible Quest storage.
  • Here is a link to this past Sunday’s worship folder for announcements and other church communications. Here’s a link to the sermon podcast as well.
  • Finally, can you join me on our church field trip this Sunday? Please take a second to register here and let me know if you’re coming. I promise it will be worth your time!
  • Pfew…that’s a lot of bullet points this week. If you read this far give yourself 10 points. What do these points get you? I have no idea. Come up with something fun. But you can’t say Heaven. It doesn’t work that way. The good news though is that Jesus scored enough points for all of us and he’s happy to share his perfect accomplishment with us simply by trusting him.
And that’s why I continue to enjoy…sharing Christ’s victory, (And now it’s definitely time to get some sleep)

Pastor Ben

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