Victory News - LIVESTRONG in the LORD

Samson (as seen on The Bible miniseries at least)
Superman. Iron Man. Samson.


Kryptonite. A weak heart. Philistine women.

What about you?

This Sunday as we continue our series “Me Without You” we’ll learn an important lesson from the story of Samson in the Bible (Judges 13-16) regarding the nature of true strength. We’ll see a man who was given the gift of superhuman strength become incredibly weak when he failed to acknowledge and glorify God as the Giver. We’ll learn that you can only live (and die) strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. As I used to sing as a child, “We are weak, but He is strong!” (from the children’s song “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”)

Don’t think you need to hear this message? You think you’re good enough, tough enough, strong enough, (dare I say it for some of you) man enough to hold it together on your own without God? Well then I challenge you with these words: “If you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!” (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Come this Sunday and learn how you can only LIVESTRONG in the LORD! 

  • The Fall session of Sheep Squads is getting underway. What is a Sheep Squad? Basically it’s a group of 7-10 people where you can discover friendships, grow in God's Word, and put faith into action. It’s a way for you to get connected and keep growing beyond Sunday mornings. Visit our website for more info. You can also contact Daniel Tomczyk, our small groups coordinator, by email at or phone at 414-367-8009.

    Click here for more information
  • Speaking of Daniel, this Sunday during the service we will be installing him with God’s blessing as the newest member of the Victory of the Lamb Leadership Team. I look forward to working with Dan on the Leadership Team. He has many gifts but most importantly a humble servant’s heart.
  • I also want to acknowledge that in the process of selecting a new Leadership Team member I delight in the many individuals in whom we see leadership qualities and activity. I am thankful to God who is the giver all gifts that we have a bright future at Victory of the Lamb because we have so many people serving, giving, and stepping up to lead in so many different areas. It’s something I regularly pray for that “God would at all times fill the offices of this congregation and its societies with upright, honest, and sincere men and women, who have the welfare of their congregation at heart and are able to help me in my office with their counsel and their deeds.” (words from A Pastor’s Daily Prayer from the old The Lutheran Agenda).
  • Remember, there is Sunday morning Bible study going on. 8:30 am in theater #6. You are all invited! I’m teaching this Sunday. We’re studying John’s Gospel together. This is a great book to jump in on if you’ve never been in a Bible study before. Bring a Bible or we’ve got one for you.
  • Save the date: Our Fall Festival is coming up on Saturday afternoon, October 5th from 2-5 pm at Lions Legend Park. Plans in process. Think pumpkin painting. Food. Photo booth. Tours of Franklin’s historical buildings thanks to the Franklin Historical Society.
  • Here is a link to this past Sunday’s worship folder for announcements and other church communications. Here’s a link to the sermon podcast as well.
  • This week I had the pleasure of meeting with those people you see working the A/V tech each Sunday morning who make sure we have live sound and are responsible for our live internet streaming. In the next couple of weeks we’re going to be working towards streamlining and standardizing our set-up. Once that’s done we’ll be asking for some more of you to volunteer and get trained on the equipment. If you’re interested in that, feel free to reach out to me and let me know.
Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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