Week Two of Me Without You

Come to Victory of the Lamb this Sunday and you will learn how to sin and get away with it.

Well, at least that’s what Aaron and Israelites sort of thought that they could do in Exodus chapter 32—for a while anyway.

But come on, be honest. Isn’t it crazy how deep down there’s something inside of you that would love for my first sentence up above to be true? (That something is what the Bible calls the sinful nature. I know because I’ve got one too.)

After all as human beings we like to have good reasons for everything we do, don’t we? Usually we can manufacture some sort of good sounding reasons. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Everybody else is doing it.  It’s not like it’s hurting anybody else. 
If we didn’t have good reasons, we wouldn’t do it, right? And so over time we become quite accomplished at coming up with clever ways of covering up, rationalizing, or simply explaining our choices in ways that make sense to us.

Yet when we start coming up with “good reasons” to sin, we elect to walk a dangerous path away from God. As it turns out, people have been doing this for a long time. In our series “Me without You” this Sunday we’re going to learn how Aaron and the Israelites manufactured a golden calf idol to worship and along with that calf… a whole host of “good reasons” for thinking they would be able to get away with that sin.

In the end however, only the work of a mediator saved them from God’s wrath. The same is true for us. Thank you, Jesus!

Jesus is a better mediator. Hebrews 9:15

  • Confirmation class starts Sunday. Ben Reichel will be teaching the Jr. High kids in the birthday party rooms just off the Showtime Cinema lobby. Pray for God’s blessings on this year’s instruction.
  • There will be Sunday morning Bible study this week. 8:30 am in theater #6. You are all invited! I’ll be teaching.
  • News flash: Showtime Cinema is going to begin showing movies throughout the cinema starting at 11:00 am now. I’m told that this won’t impact the theaters we use for ministry. There will however be some overlap between the end of our ministry morning and moviegoers entering the cinema. Think of it as an opportunity for us to be friendly and show people the love of Jesus who might be surprised to learn there’s a church meeting in a movie theater.
  • Save the date: Our Fall Festival will be on Saturday afternoon, October 5th from 2-5 pm at Lions Legend Park. Still making plans. Think pumpkin painting. Food. Photo booth. Tours of Franklin’s historical buildings.
  • Here is a link to this past Sunday’s worship folder for announcements and other church communications.
  • Volunteers helping with Sunday morning set-up and take-down have a huge impact on our ministry—especially now as we’ve grown considerably over the last year and we have more to do. So if any of you can come early / right away at 7:00 am when I arrive to open the doors and start setting up theater 1, that would be awesome. Likewise Cassy could use a couple helpers early setting up Bible Quest in the west wing. Otherwise we can use a few more eager people to roll up their sleeves and jump in after church to help with take-down. Especially with the expansion of Bible Quest into a 4th auditorium there is a lot to do. (Get it…A Lot? Like from Vicar Ben’s sermon last week… anybody?) Just find someone who’s got that look of determination because they’re hard at work and ask how you can help.
  • Conversations regarding land/building/playground here in Franklin are ongoing with numerous people. I am tremendously excited about so many recent developments over the last few weeks. Hopefully soon I’ll have more info to share more and we can start charting our course into the future together. Pray for God’s good and gracious will to be done as we seek to put down roots in this community.
  • Last but not least, this week I became a foster dad. Her name is Hailey. She is tiny and she is cute. God is good all the time!
Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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