Victory News - God's Perfect Love Drives Out Paranoid Fears

Paranoid King Saul of Israel, not a good role model.
Taking others’ words and actions in the worst possible way coupled with a failure to trust God and his promises, sets the scene for irrational fear and suspicion in our lives. What burdens could be lifted if we simply put our trust in God and his promises!

This Sunday we’ll see how we can absolutely do that. We’ll learn about our status before God so that we can be secure in our relationship with him and then also with others.  His perfect love for us drives out fear.

“Hello, my name is child of the one true King…and his name sure isn’t Saul!”

  • Tomorrow’s our Fall Family Festival from 2-5pm at Lions Legend Park here in Franklin. It’s the park just east of City Hall, just southeast of the Franklin library. I hope you all can make it! It looks right now like there’s a good chance of rain. But that’s ok. Bring an umbrella, join us under the pavilion, and then have fun taking a tour of Franklin’s historical village right next door. The Franklin Historical Society will be giving tours of the school house, church, town hall and cabin from 2:30-4:00pm.

  • I got a thank you card in the mail yesterday from Christian Jensen who is the Executive Director of My Team Triumph WI. Some of you I’m sure will remember when Christian came and talked at Victory of the Lamb after church. I’m pretty sure that I speak for all of you who were able to participate in the Brewers Mini that it was a very fun, rewarding experience. Debbie from church sure had fun crossing the finish line of her 10K! I’d have to say too that I was yet again quite impressed by the willpower of our own Ryan Solie who successfully pushed captain Cody Andersen the entire half-marathon all by himself, with an uncooperative chair I might add. I know he doesn’t want any spotlight on him for that. But all to the glory of God I’m excited about participating again and looking forward to how we can partner more with a great group of people like My Team Triumph. If you haven’t seen pictures yet, be sure and check out the album on our church Facebook page.

  • Save the date: December 19th will be our next Operation Jesus Cares project where we will again help the school kids from Christ-St. Peter’s on the Southside put together Christmas care packages for their neighbors and go out with them into their neighborhood to deliver them and invite people to come hear the Gospel at their bi-lingual school Christmas Eve service.

  • This week I was gone two days up in Mishicot for a joint pastors’ conference. We heard presentations on new hymnal project in WELS that has begun with the goal of being completed by 2024. It was quite interesting especially when considering how quickly technology is changing and thinking about what an impact that has on the different ways of delivering hymnal type resources in a decade!
  • Leadership Team Meeting—This Monday night, October 7th, the Leadership Team will be meeting at the parsonage from 7:30-9:00pm. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the future site options of our church in light of recent developments as well as to chart a timeline for congregational input and feedback. Stay tuned for more information and opportunities for you to give feedback regarding our future.
  • I’m thankful to Manager Todd from Showtime for working with us and being flexible regarding their additional movie show-times.  For the sake of our Bible Quest staff and take-down, I’m also going to work to build our worship services a little shorter. That might mean one less song, a shorter sermon, or subtracting the Q and A from worship service week to week depending on what we know in regard to the movie times in the Bible Quest auditoriums. This week for example we have to be completely out of theater 8 by 11:10 which should be doable as long as the preacher this Sunday doesn’t go into overtime (But don’t be paranoid about that, people…remember you’re going to hear a sermon about that Sunday!)
  • Just a note: There is NO Confirmation Class this Sunday. Vicar Ben will be out of town attending to a family situation. The next class will be then on October 20th as scheduled.
  • There is Bible study at 8:30 before worship though on Sunday. You all are invited.
Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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