How To Survive the End of the World

“The Book of Eli,” “The Darkest Hour,” “Contagion,” “The Day After Tomorrow.” The list of doomsday movies that Hollywood produces is incredible. Yet they keep coming. There’s something about these end of the world stories that fascinates us, frightens us, and keeps us coming back for more. The theme that inspires is survival. Against all odds, when all hope is lost, humanity grabs hold of courage, defies the enemy, and turns the tide.

What Hollywood won’t show is the real end of the world story or how the victory is won. The end is coming. For some it will be a day of judgment and destruction, grief and pain like nothing even seen or imagined before. The Bible calls this “eternal death.” But for others the end of the world will mark the beginning of a new life where pain and trouble will cease forever. The Bible calls this “eternal life.”

When the last day comes… on which side of the fence are you going to be on? How will you survive the end of the world?

The good news is that Jesus has done everything to chase away our fears! He is able to replace them now with complete confidence in answering those questions. Through faith in Jesus we will stand firm to the end. With him we will stand on the side of eternal life!

Come this Sunday as our Student Assistant, Ben Reichel, kicks off the first message in our November series “How to Survive the End of the World.”

  • Join us for our annual VotL Thanksgiving Fellowship Meal on Sunday, November 24th. Join us for fellowship at 4:30 and dinner around 5PM.

    The meal will be held at the Oak Creek Community Center (8580 S. Howell Avenue in Oak Creek - appx. 1 mile south of Drexel or 1 mile north of Ryan Rd.)

    Suggested donations for dinner are $10 for adults (over 12) and $6 for children (2-12). These donations will be collected at the dinner.

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    Otherwise please RSVP to Sammi Goodger via phone (414-304-5736), email, or at church. RSVPs must be submitted by Wednesday, November 13th.

    We hope you can join us!
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Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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