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A Week to Celebrate!

What a week! Tuesday evening the Common Council gave us a tremendous Christmas present when they voted in approval of our Loomis Rd plans. I’ve been overflowing with thanksgiving all week long, but I haven’t run out of thanks yet. So just in case you haven’t heard it from me… I want to thank all of you who attended, spoke, prayed about, or voted for such a favorable outcome!

What this means is that we have a bright future here in Franklin for many years to come. We’ll soon be closing on the Loomis Rd property and continuing the process of working towards our permanent church home. I’m excited to move forward with our next steps and our ongoing discussions with Kayla’s Krew. We’ll have 15 beautiful acres of land (about 7 of which are buildable). If it works out best for them we’re happy to freely provide a portion of it for the community to come and build a playground where all families and kids are welcome regardless of ability or background.

In the spirit of making a d…

Victory News - God With Us

What is it like to feel alone? I can only imagine that it feels a lot like being in a sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean. Incredibly, that’s where one man found himself a week ago. Did you hear his story? It’s amazing. The boat Harrison Okene was in sank. For 60 hours he lay inside at the bottom of the ocean. There was just a small pocket of air for him to breathe. It was cold. It was dark. He was alone.

Except that he wasn’t.

God was with him. And he knew it. Psalms that he had memorized ran through his mind (I’ll bet he was thankful for whoever told him it was worth the effort to commit Scripture to memory!). Prayers raced over his tongue. He cried out to God. He prayed for God’s will to be done. And then, amazingly, he was rescued. Here’s what he had to say about the whole ordeal yesterday in an interview. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should really watch it. He talks about how his hope, his trust, his confidence were in God even when he felt alone.

Now there are…

Victory News - Moving Forward!

So many of the songs we hear on the radio contain stories of unfaithfulness and brokenness—the stories that are so common to us all. But Christmas sings of a God of faithfulness who kept the most precious promise of all. In our new series starting this Sunday, called My Christmas Playlist, get ready to be inspired by the sacred songs and promises of a God who is determined to win us over with his faithful love.

Live From Bethlehem! This Sunday is our Bible Quest Kids’ Christmas pageant. This is a special opportunity for everyone to hear the Christmas story told in a fun, creative way by our Bible Quest kids. This Sunday therefore we will have a special Sunday morning schedule. The Bible Quest kids will join us in theater #1 for their 35 minute pageant which will start promptly at 9:30. Then I’ll be preaching a sermon to kick off our My Christmas Playlist series. So basically Sunday will look like this: pageant, sermon, offering, blessing, song, and then “So long, everyone!”