Friday, December 20, 2013

A Week to Celebrate!

Future home of Victory of the Lamb!
What a week! Tuesday evening the Common Council gave us a tremendous Christmas present when they voted in approval of our Loomis Rd plans. I’ve been overflowing with thanksgiving all week long, but I haven’t run out of thanks yet. So just in case you haven’t heard it from me… I want to thank all of you who attended, spoke, prayed about, or voted for such a favorable outcome!

What this means is that we have a bright future here in Franklin for many years to come. We’ll soon be closing on the Loomis Rd property and continuing the process of working towards our permanent church home. I’m excited to move forward with our next steps and our ongoing discussions with Kayla’s Krew. We’ll have 15 beautiful acres of land (about 7 of which are buildable). If it works out best for them we’re happy to freely provide a portion of it for the community to come and build a playground where all families and kids are welcome regardless of ability or background.

In the spirit of making a difference, Thursday also brought us back to the south side of Milwaukee for a service project we call Operation Jesus Cares. It’s humbling and fulfilling to be able to show the love of Jesus to people in real world kind of ways. Even as we make plans to build a new church here in a great suburban community like Franklin, I think it’s important that we don’t lose a heart for people living in the city who don’t have it nearly as good as we do even though they live literally just a few miles away. Check out the video I made below highlighting the day’s events yesterday. There are some impactful stories you don’t want to miss.

Finally, this Sunday will be our special Victory of the Lamb Christmas service. We’ll have an opportunity to zero in on what makes Christmas truly worth celebrating. You won’t want to miss this either! Come to church this Sunday and find out how Christmas means you can go in peace. Our worship band will be playing music pre-service also starting at 9:20 so you might want to come a little early, grab your coffee at the Victory CafĂ©, and find a seat in the cinema. In fact that whole idea about coming a little early, that’ll help get you ready for 2014 when we’ll be moving up the start time for our service to 9:09 am.

Did you know that? It’s true. In 2014 church at Showtime Cinema will start at 9:09.

A new year. A new time. 9:09. It’s got a ring to it, wouldn’t you say?

Sermon audio podcast from Sunday.

Recorded service video from Sunday.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben

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