Friday, December 6, 2013

Victory News - Moving Forward!

So many of the songs we hear on the radio contain stories of unfaithfulness and brokenness—the stories that are so common to us all. But Christmas sings of a God of faithfulness who kept the most precious promise of all. In our new series starting this Sunday, called My Christmas Playlist, get ready to be inspired by the sacred songs and promises of a God who is determined to win us over with his faithful love.

Live From Bethlehem! This Sunday is our Bible Quest Kids’ Christmas pageant. This is a special opportunity for everyone to hear the Christmas story told in a fun, creative way by our Bible Quest kids. This Sunday therefore we will have a special Sunday morning schedule. The Bible Quest kids will join us in theater #1 for their 35 minute pageant which will start promptly at 9:30. Then I’ll be preaching a sermon to kick off our My Christmas Playlist series. So basically Sunday will look like this: pageant, sermon, offering, blessing, song, and then “So long, everyone!”

Please keep in mind that we are expecting many travelers coming to Bethlehem for this Sunday. You should plan on arriving early. It would also be prudent to get into theater #1 before 9:30 while there is still room in the inn and please do your best to fill up the middle seats so we can be gracious to our guests, visitors, and any latecomers. We don’t want anyone to feel turned away. Keep in mind though we may have to also set up chairs in the lobby to watch on the TV if necessary.

Because of the pageant we will not be celebrating Communion this Sunday. We will have it next week however on December 15th.

Also note that because of the pageant this Sunday we will be having Bible study in theater #8 instead of #6 because the BQ kids are going to be using that theater for prepping and dressing up. All BQ parents are invited to join us for Bible study in theater #8 while your kids get ready. Just pick up a Bible on your way in.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and/or attendance at the Plan Commission meeting last night. We rejoice that the Plan Commission voted in favor of our project! Now it's on to the Common Council for their vote on December 17th. This will be a most important meeting for the future of our church. Please consider making plans to attend. Your presence in support of our church makes a difference. Thank you for your prayers and support!

November was the highest attended month we’ve ever had. We averaged well over 200 people in total attendance. That is awesome! Great job at inviting others to come celebrate Christ’s victory with us. Keep it up! December is a great time to invite people to church. “Come and see.”

9:09 - That’s when our church service here at Victory of the Lamb is going to start beginning in 2014. It might seem like an odd time at first, but this is our way of turning an obstacle into an opportunity. Because of the earlier movie times here at Showtime, it’s a necessity for our Bible Quest ministry that we start sooner. We hope it will also relieve some stress for our take-down teams and give people more of an opportunity to get to know our guests and visitors. The odd time 9:09 will also give us an opportunity to send out mailings and use social media to give our community an update on our future plans and invite them to come check us out in the New Year as we get ready to build our own ministry center that will allow us much greater flexibility in when we can meet.

Last Sunday I announced my decision to return the call to Goodview Trinity in order to continue on at VotL. I ask you to keep the people of Goodview Trinity in your prayers as they wait for a new pastor to shepherd them and to lead them to be able to reach out to their community in Goodview/Winona. I’m at peace that I made the right decision. My family and I are happy to be here in Franklin with you and I’m excited about the future of VotL!

Christmas Service—Sunday, December 22nd we will be having our special Victory of the Lamb Christmas service at 9:30 am. Since we are only able to meet here at the cinema on Sunday mornings we don't have Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services.

Thursday morning this week I had the privilege of leading chapel at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. It was a great experience to get to preach to a couple hundred high school students. Afterwards I also got to meet with VotL students who attend WLHS. What a blessing to be at a school where students can go to chapel and hear God’s Word taught and applied to their everyday lives!

Coming up very soon on Thursday, December 19th is this year’s Operation Jesus Cares’ Christmas project. Please consider donating towards this event so that we can purchase the items needed to make this a success. There is an OJC Donation box located at the OJC table in the lobby at Showtime with more information about the project. Any questions, please contact Ryan or Rebecca Solie. They would be more than happy to let you know how you can help show the love of Christ this Christmas!

Sermon audio podcast from last Sunday.

Recorded service video from last Sunday.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben

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