Join the Hunt for Buried Treasure!

X marks the spot. As a kid that’s how I first learned to think about buried treasure. There were pirate maps. Ancient curses. Dangerous traps. That sort of thing.

But this coming Sunday and throughout the month of February we’re going to discover that buried treasure is more than just folklore.

In a way we are all looking for treasure. Something that will make a difference in our lives. Something that we can get excited about. Something that will help those we care about. Something worth hunting for and having no matter what the cost.

It turns out that Jesus buried just this kind of treasure. Come this Sunday and join me in the hunt as we search for this buried treasure together!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a little teaser video I made in preparation for my message this coming Sunday. Check it out!

Church and a movie. On Sunday, March 2nd we’ll have our regular Sunday service at 9:09. After the service, stick around to watch the movie Son of God at 10:30 which opens that week in theaters across the country. As a church we are buying out a whole 195 seat auditorium. This means we can get discounted tickets at $7 apiece. You can also buy a discounted popcorn and soda. You don’t need to buy your tickets in advance but you do need to let us know how many tickets you’d like us to reserve for you and your friends because quantities are limited. Please register in advance using this online registration form.

Architects and Builders. To me this sounds at first like the name of a future expansion pack for one of my favorite board games like Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne. But it’s actually just a heading to let you know that we had a lengthy 4 hour interview meeting Monday night with 2 different architects and builders. Everyone on the Leadership Team was there as well as myself, Cassy, and those who’ve been serving on the Land/Building Team for the past couple years. We’ll be meeting again this coming Monday night to evaluate where we’re at in the process of making a decision. Ultimately the Leadership Team will make a decision on what architect/builder team to work with and then they will engage our whole church in the next steps of master site planning and building design over the next couple months. Meanwhile, discussion with Kayla’s Krew continues and members of the Leadership Team continue to work behind the scenes with the WELS Church Extension Fund (CEF) to determine exactly what we can afford, what kind of grants we might be able to receive, and other really important things like that!

Sermon audio podcast from Sunday. Our student assistant Ben Reichel had a great message on "Finding the Calm in the Storm."

My apologies for the failed video stream from this past Sunday. We had an updating issue that’s now been resolved so we should be good to go again this week.

View an online version of this email on my blog.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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