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Weekly Victory News

Some people loved him. Some people hated him. Some people didn’t know what to do with him. That pretty much sums up the reaction Jesus received after he preached his first sermon, in his hometown. This Sunday we’ll talk about how it all went down as we watch another clip from the movie Son of God based on events from Luke 4:16-30. I hope you can join us!

Soccer Camp News – If you want to kick off the summer in an awesome way for your kids, then sign up for our 7th annual Soccer Camp. This year, camp is June 17th-20th at the Polonia Soccer Club from 1pm-4:30pm each day. It’s for kids ages 4-11. Soccer camp features learning soccer skills, practicing through drills, daily scrimmages, and tons of soccer fun! In addition, we have a great daily break for a snack, some music with the band Fide, and learning all about Moses and God’s grace. This camp really does have it all!

You can register here today! If you have any questions, please contact Cassy.

Operation Jesus Cares Spring Proje…

Messiah Madness

It’s that time of year. March Madness has begun! Did you fill out your “Warren Buffet bracket” for your  chance at winning a billion dollars? Maybe you heard but as of this morning, only one day into the tournament, there are just 0.2 % of all brackets filled out left perfectly. Why? Because some of the bigger name teams, some of the higher seeded teams, lost like they always do. If you’re an Ohio State fan for example, you’re probably not feeling so happy today about your team. And if you’re part of the 81% of America who picked Ohio State (like me but not my wife!) to win their opening round game against Dayton yesterday, then your chance at a billion dollar perfect bracket was spoiled after the very first game of the tournament.

Now it might sound like a strange segue from here, but this Sunday we’re going to watch another clip from the movie Son of God and see how there was a time when it was sort of like “Messiah Madness” in the life of Jesus. People got excited about J…

Life Without Grace

Life without grace: (@JoeDVillanueva)
— Tullian Tchividjian (@PastorTullian) March 9, 2014
I saw this picture on Twitter last week and thought it was the perfect way to end my sermon on Luke 18:9-14 yesterday. Classic, isn't it? The title? “Life without grace.” This is really life without Jesus. It’s what religion is like too without a right understanding of who Jesus is and what he’s done. It’s just a moral pep talk. A bunch of, “Try harder. Do better. Grow stronger. Change that behavior. Come on, more effort! Carry those responsibilities. Lift those burdens. Let’s see some results. Let's go, you can do it!”

And the thing is, maybe you sort of can…for a time. Or you think you can anyway. You’re determined. You're gonna lift that bar. But eventually you’ll wear out. Or you'll realize you can't. You will fail. Miserably. Repeatedly. And when you do here’s what happens. You'll be temped to take weight off the bar, to ease up a little on G…

Victory News - The Sinner's Friend

This Sunday we’ll take a look at a scene from the movie Son of God where Jesus called a tax collector named Matthew to follow him. I think it’s one of the most powerful scenes in the movie. We’ll see vividly portrayed how Jesus is the sinner’s friend and as we compare it to the Bible we’ll learn from a poignant story Jesus once told about how we too can go home blessed by God. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday and sharing this message!

Soccer Camp News - I’m happy to announce that our annual soccer camp (our summer VBS outreach event) this year for kids ages 4-11 is going to kick off the summer instead of wrapping up the summer. The dates for our camp are June 17-20 from 1-4:30 pm each day. I’m super happy too that the fellas from the band Fide will be returning to help lead the camp and playing for worship on Sunday the 22nd. Registration will be on our website very soon! Postcard mailers and flyers will be provided soon also to help you share the word. As always the…

New Series Starts This Sunday!

Last week we had our “church and a movie” Sunday. We had a super turnout of over 250 people for church plus 160 who stayed to watch the movie Son of God. Thank you especially to those of you who provided childcare during the movie to make it possible for quite a few more people to attend the movie. I think that really speaks to the heart of our church that we had volunteers who took the initiative and said, “We have to do this. It isn’t about us. We want to give other people the opportunity to see the movie so they can be impacted by its message about Jesus.”

To that end then over the next couple weeks leading up to Easter, I’ll also be showing clips from the from the movie Son of God in church during my sermon series, comparing them to corresponding Bible accounts, and helping you learn more about Jesus. Why did he have to die? What is the meaning of the resurrection? What is the message the apostles were supposed to proclaim? And why was it worth dying for?

Those are s…