Friday, March 7, 2014

New Series Starts This Sunday!

Last week we had our “church and a movie” Sunday. We had a super turnout of over 250 people for church plus 160 who stayed to watch the movie Son of God. Thank you especially to those of you who provided childcare during the movie to make it possible for quite a few more people to attend the movie. I think that really speaks to the heart of our church that we had volunteers who took the initiative and said, “We have to do this. It isn’t about us. We want to give other people the opportunity to see the movie so they can be impacted by its message about Jesus.”

To that end then over the next couple weeks leading up to Easter, I’ll also be showing clips from the from the movie Son of God in church during my sermon series, comparing them to corresponding Bible accounts, and helping you learn more about Jesus. Why did he have to die? What is the meaning of the resurrection? What is the message the apostles were supposed to proclaim? And why was it worth dying for?

Those are some of the questions we’ll explore as we begin our new series this Sunday about Jesus called, “Who is He?”

Milwaukee Bucks Faith and Family Night. We’ve got 29 people all set to go to the Bucks game at the Bradley Center tomorrow night followed by a concert by the Christian band, Mercy Me. I’m looking forward to it.

Church Media U Conference. I had registered for and was all excited to go to this conference down in Chicago on Wednesday. However I didn’t end up going because I came down with a fever instead in the middle of the week. I look forward to catching up with Nancy T from our church who did get to go though. I’m especially interested to learn more about how to incorporate environmental projection in a worship space.

Things moving and shaking. Monday night we had a long, productive initial meeting here at the parsonage between the architects we’ve chosen to design our future ministry center, Korb-Tredo architects from Milwaukee, and our Building Design Task Force. Preliminary things such as process, timeline, budget, and vision were discussed. Much more information will be communicated in the next couple weeks. This is very much the beginning of a journey that we’re all going on together with God as our guide. As we get further along in the process our building design task force will be reaching out to all our areas of ministry and all our members for input.

Bible Quest.  The BQ Leadership Team met last night to discuss their ministry needs, ideas, and dreams for the future of kids’ ministry in our own space that we get to design. I look forward to seeing how we can incorporate an innovative kids’ area as part of our future ministry center. I think we’ve got a great group of people who understand the importance of a healthy kids’ ministry and have some exciting ideas for the future.

Bible 101 – We are having a lot of fun in the Thursday evening Bible 101 group right now. Last night we learned about faith. We also learned that there are 4 left handed people in the group who all ended up sitting next to each other. Like I said, we have fun in Bible 101!

Sermon audio podcast of my sermon last Sunday

Last Sunday’s service recorded on Ustream

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben

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