Victory News - The Sinner's Friend

This Sunday we’ll take a look at a scene from the movie Son of God where Jesus called a tax collector named Matthew to follow him. I think it’s one of the most powerful scenes in the movie. We’ll see vividly portrayed how Jesus is the sinner’s friend and as we compare it to the Bible we’ll learn from a poignant story Jesus once told about how we too can go home blessed by God. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday and sharing this message!

Soccer Camp News - I’m happy to announce that our annual soccer camp (our summer VBS outreach event) this year for kids ages 4-11 is going to kick off the summer instead of wrapping up the summer. The dates for our camp are June 17-20 from 1-4:30 pm each day. I’m super happy too that the fellas from the band Fide will be returning to help lead the camp and playing for worship on Sunday the 22nd. Registration will be on our website very soon! Postcard mailers and flyers will be provided soon also to help you share the word. As always there will be all kinds of opportunities for you to volunteer and help—everything from donating snacks to coaching a group of kids.

Milwaukee Bucks Faith and Family Night. Despite the fact that it was “Spring ahead” night last Saturday, I sure had a good time at the Bradley Center. We had a group of 30 go from VotL which I thought was great. I especially enjoyed all the kids that we had cheering wildly and dancing for the last place Bucks J. But they did play hard in the second half and made it a good game anyway. So I’d say the Bucks game was good, but the Mercy Me concert afterwards was great. I was surprised by how many people stayed for the concert even with the late night, but the band certainly made it worth sticking around for.

Things moving and shaking. A couple meetings took place this week as our building design task force has been working diligently to gather input from various ministry groups within our church and sharing it with the architects from Korb-Tredo. Right now they are working on a site plan and schematic design for what would be our phase one project. Pretty soon we ought to have a working site plan map and floor plan to show you all for your feedback. Right now we don’t know exactly what our timeline for beginning construction is. We’re still on an accelerated timetable but there is the design part of the process, the financing part of the process, and the approval part of the process with the city and the state so there’s a lot to happen yet as we go along.

Also this week there was an initial meeting of people for an overhaul of our church website. There is actually a lot that needs to go into planning for a great church website so it’s good to start this process.

Bible 101 – Thursday I wrapped up another Bible 101 class. That means Bible 201 will be starting right on its heels on Thursday evenings starting March 27th. In a couple weeks I’ll be looking to begin a new Bible 101 group probably meeting on Tuesday evenings once I finish with my Tuesday group.

Sunday Bible study - takes place starting at 8:09 am every Sunday morning before worship in theater #6. Grab a cup of coffee, find a Bible as you come in, and join us! All are invited.

Sermon audio podcast of my sermon last Sunday
Last Sunday’s service recorded on Ustream

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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