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Some people loved him. Some people hated him. Some people didn’t know what to do with him. That pretty much sums up the reaction Jesus received after he preached his first sermon, in his hometown. This Sunday we’ll talk about how it all went down as we watch another clip from the movie Son of God based on events from Luke 4:16-30. I hope you can join us!

Soccer Camp News – If you want to kick off the summer in an awesome way for your kids, then sign up for our 7th annual Soccer Camp. This year, camp is June 17th-20th at the Polonia Soccer Club from 1pm-4:30pm each day. It’s for kids ages 4-11. Soccer camp features learning soccer skills, practicing through drills, daily scrimmages, and tons of soccer fun! In addition, we have a great daily break for a snack, some music with the band Fide, and learning all about Moses and God’s grace. This camp really does have it all!

You can register here today! If you have any questions, please contact Cassy.

Operation Jesus Cares Spring Project – For the OJC Spring project this year, we will be raising money to purchase a MyTeamTriumph running stroller. The stroller will serve a dual purpose: first, it will be used in all the events MyTeamTriumph participates in for the Milwaukee region. Second, we will use the stroller to take the members of the Coventry Group Home (Kathy and Debbie's group home) for runs/walks in their neighborhood once the weather warms up. The cost of the running stroller is $2,600.00. Please consider donating towards this project so we can continue to make a difference to those with special needs in our community. You can use your OJC envelopes to make donations during the weekly offering. You can also donate easily online by designating to the OJC fund.

Things Moving and Shaking – Thursday night there was a meeting of the minds between Korb-Tredo architects, Catalyst Construction, and our building task forces—the design task force and the finance task force. (Thank you, Thompsons, for again opening up your home and hosting all of us.) We’re honing in on what our needs are, what the costs are, what our financial resources are, and what our timelines are. We’re discussing vision and philosophy of ministry. We’re exploring potential grants. We’re pushing each other to be flexible and creative in how we use potential space. Because there are so many working parts to this project right now, we don’t have anything to present to the congregation quite yet. More info to come! Stay tuned.

Sheep Squads
H eart for Jesus?
O pen to Friendship?
S pace to Gather?
T ime to Serve!

Willing to HOST a Sheep Squad? Whether or not you've participated in a small group before, think about how you can show love and foster friendships in Christ. Contact Daniel Tomczyk at dan.mel.tomczyk@gmail.com or 414-367-8009 to learn more.

Sunday Morning Bible Study – Last but not least, consider joining us this Sunday before church at 8:09 for Bible study in theater #6. We’re picking it up in John chapter 10 and it would be a great place for any of you to come in fresh. Don’t worry if you’ve never been to Bible study before. We’re all just learning together. We’ve got a Bible for you too if you don’t have one. Just come!

Sermon audio podcast of my sermon last Sunday

Last Sunday’s service recorded on Ustream

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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