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Victory News - Stonework Starting

Something I delight in doing as a leader is to share what I call “victory” stories. In a narrow sense that’s what I get to do every single Sunday when as a pastor I preach about the victory Jesus won over sin and death. That’s the ultimate “Victory story”! It’s why I get so pumped to preach each week—especially on a day like Easter this past Sunday when the house was full!

In a wider sense though I consider a “victory story” anything where God’s blessings are evident in someone’s life as a result of you carrying out our mission as a church. Remember our mission? It’s what we want to do as God’s people. We want to share Christ’s victory with today’s people, loving people enough to meet them where there are. So a lot of times for me these “victory” stories are where I see the impact my preaching and teaching has on you as God gives you opportunities to love others—opportunities that are uniquely yours.

For example, Sunday we packed the house at Showtime Cinema. It was incre…

Victory News - Easter Sunday!

Last night, like I do almost every Thursday evening, I was hustling out the door after supper to go lead a Bible study group at Harris Bank on 76th and Rawson. I jumped in the van, started backing out of the garage, but then stopped. For some reason I thought, “Ben, you really need to bring an Easter postcard with you.” I can’t explain it. Somehow I just knew there was going to be somebody I could invite to our Easter service on Sunday. So I ran inside, grabbed a postcard, and drove to the bank.

The second I walked in the front door, the elevator door inside the lobby opened. I recognized the person coming out of the elevator. Her name is Janet. We’ve crossed paths there a couple times before. She’s the lady who cleans the bank after hours. She runs the vacuum down the hall past the room where we meet for Bible study.

When I saw Janet, I couldn’t help but smile at how God works. He orchestrated this meeting. I just asked Janet if she had a church home where she would be going on Easter.…

Victory News - Palm Sunday's Coming

“Ready or not, here I come.” My kids love playing hide and seek—especially after church in the Showtime Cinema lobby. It’s quite the place to play!

“Ready or not, here I come.” These words could also apply to what happened on Palm Sunday. Jesus came to Jerusalem. Some were ready to receive him as their king. Others were not. His true glory was hidden from them. So on a day when everyone should’ve been happy, knowing this made Jesus sad.

Still, Jesus continued on into Jerusalem anyway. He had a mission to carry out. The cross was his destination. And because of what he accomplished there Jesus is still coming to us today through his word and sacraments. He is building his kingdom in our hearts. How will you receive him?

Come this Sunday as we take a look at another clip from the Son of God movie. We’ll apply to our lives the truth that Jesus is The Coming King.

He comes to bring you peace!

Soccer Camp Registration – Be sure and register your kids for our 7th annual Soccer Camp. T…

Victory News - Man of Sorrows

Man of Steel. It’s a phrase used to describe Superman.

Man of Sorrows. It’s a phrase used to describe our Savior.

While it might seem like “Man of Steel” would be more fitting, it’s actually far more comforting that Jesus is a “Man of Sorrows.”

Come to Victory of the Lamb this Sunday and learn how because Jesus suffered with us, as us, and for never have to doubt whether God loves you.

"He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering" - Isaiah 53:3.

Soccer Camp News – Be sure and register your kids for our 7th annual Soccer Camp. This year, camp is June 17th-20th at the Polonia Soccer Club from 1pm-4:30pm each day. It’s for kids ages 4-11. Soccer camp features learning soccer skills, practicing drills, daily scrimmages, and tons of soccer fun. In addition, we have a great daily break for a snack, some music with the band Fide, and learning all about Moses and God’s grace. You can register here today! If you have any questions,…