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Something I delight in doing as a leader is to share what I call “victory” stories. In a narrow sense that’s what I get to do every single Sunday when as a pastor I preach about the victory Jesus won over sin and death. That’s the ultimate “Victory story”! It’s why I get so pumped to preach each week—especially on a day like Easter this past Sunday when the house was full!

In a wider sense though I consider a “victory story” anything where God’s blessings are evident in someone’s life as a result of you carrying out our mission as a church. Remember our mission? It’s what we want to do as God’s people. We want to share Christ’s victory with today’s people, loving people enough to meet them where there are. So a lot of times for me these “victory” stories are where I see the impact my preaching and teaching has on you as God gives you opportunities to love others—opportunities that are uniquely yours.

For example, Sunday we packed the house at Showtime Cinema. It was incredible, God be praised! As a result of it being packed though, there were three people who came and sat in the front row, literally right in front of me. By this time those were about the only available seats. Hardly anyone ever sits there (Come on down, friends!) but because of the crowd that’s where these folks ended up. I think they were a little nervous to be up front like that. But I’m so happy they were there because then I got to personally greet them and we talked for a quite a bit. I asked them their names and some simple questions, “How’d you find out about our church? What brings you here today?”

The answer blew me away. A young man, visibly moved, said, “I was in the library yesterday working on a job resume. I haven’t had work for a long time. This amazing woman saw I was really struggling and getting frustrated so she took the time to come over and help me with it. She bought me a flash drive and showed me how to use it to save my resume. Then she gave me some money to help me on my job search and handed me an invitation to come here. I was so overcome with her kindness and love—I’ve just never had anyone go out of their way to do anything like that for me before. My life will never be the same. I’m not even sure what it is, but I think I need whatever she has—whatever this church has.”

Friends, that story right there…that alone made my Easter! As I was preaching I could see the impact the gospel was having on those people in the front row and I marveled with joy at just how God used you to bring them there. That’s why I love being a pastor at our church. And that’s just one victory story from a Sunday on which I know there were quite a few.

Do you have a victory story to share? Feel free to comment on my blog or email it to me. This is how I’m encouraged as a pastor. What do you see God doing in people’s lives through our church?  

Stonework Starting – I sure enjoyed the last couple weeks using the move clips from Son of God. I hope you did too…but now we’re moving on. Coming up this Sunday we’ll be starting a series we’ve put together called Stonework. This Sunday we’ll be looking at how Jesus helps us handle doubts when it feels like our faith is being put through the Grindstone.

Soccer Camp Registration – June 17-20 for kids ages 4-11. Jesus, soccer, friends, and fun! To cover expenses there is a $40 / person registration fee. We provide a soccer camp T-Shirt, water bottle, and daily snacks. Space is limited, so register soon! Here’s a direct link to register. If you have any questions, please contact Cassy—our Children’s Ministry Director.

Live Streaming Switcheroo Heads Up –On May 4 we will be switching our live streaming provider from Ustream to Livestream. We’ll be sure and update the URL destination on our website but if you are used to going the directly here’s the new link to our Livestream channel. In the meantime you can still access our Ustream channel here.

Leadership Team Meeting – Monday night the Leadership Team will be having its monthly meeting at the parsonage from 6:30-8:30pm. Contact anyone serving currently on the Leadership Team with questions or concerns regarding our mission and ministry. This includes Tim Johnson, Jeff Guenther, Jon Brown-Schmidt, Mark Goodger, Wes Andersen, Jim Vogel, and Daniel Tomczyk.

Life-a-thon –Don’t miss out on a fun opportunity to get some exercise and help a great cause. May 10th is the annual Life-a-Thon 5K Run/Walk to support the life giving ministry of WELS Lutherans for Life Metro-Milwaukee. Visit for more info and registration or call 414-727-8176414-727-8176. Rain or shine, my family and I will be participating at McCarty Park here on the south side. We’d love to see you there.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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