Modern Family Starting Sunday

People say, “You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.” You’ve heard that before, right? As a result, family relationships can often be the most challenging relationships. They can also be the most rewarding.

This Sunday we’ll be starting a new series called Modern Family. So we’re going to be talking about family dynamics in our world today. We’re going to get God's perspective and guidance as we learn how to navigate through some of the complexities of family life today. And no matter what your family looks like for real, God can get it on a path towards ideal.

Everyone has a family. What does yours look like? What do you want it to look like? Whether you’re single, married, widowed, or divorced…whether you have kids or you don’t…no matter what your family situation, I promise there will be something that impacts everyone in this series. We are after all a church family too.

So join us this Sunday as we start what I believe is going to be a life changing series as we learn from God, the architect of the family.

Here’s the breakdown of things we’ll be talking about the next couple weeks…

June 1:  Picture Perfect
God is the architect of the family. What is his ideal and how do we get there?

June 8:  Family Feud
Every family struggles with conflict. What is the root of conflict and how do we utilize conflict for good?

June 15:  Off Center
Children are a blessing and an important responsibility. Yet, what happens when children become the center of the home?

June 22:  Daily Grind
Busyness is just a fact of life today making the quest for balance in life ever more challenging. How do we keep God a part of our family’s routine?

Bible Study – Remember that every Sunday morning you have an awesome opportunity to dig deeper into God’s Word before church. We meet in theater #6 right across from our worship space. Just show up and find a seat at 8:09 or whenever you get there! We’re just marching through the Gospel of John verse by verse so it’s easy to join us at any time on the journey and you’ll get out in plenty of time to refill your cup of coffee before church.

Bible 301 – I just finished Bible 201 with a group of people and we’ll be starting Bible 301 then this coming Thursday. Meeting at Harris Bank on 76th and Rawson at 6:30.

New Bible 101 – I’m very excited that I have quite a few of you who have asked me to keep you up to date on when my next Bible 101 class is going to get started. My thought right now is I’m going to try and get a couple different options during the week since everyone’s schedule is so different. So I’m looking to have a “mix and match” format where people could decide each week whether to come to my weeknight evening session or my Saturday morning session or something like that which would give people some flexibility. I’ll hopefully have details soon about that as to when and where. And I’m hoping then that maybe with more options week by week that more of you might be able to consider joining the group and perhaps even bringing a friend. Stay tuned!

Last week’s service and sermon are archived here on our new church website. You can watch the service or download and read a pdf of the sermon. AND you can also download Sheep Squads materials that go along with the sermon which you could use for a family devotion or a Bible study with a neighbor in connection with watching or listening to the sermon.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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