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Good Questions - Honest Answers

An angry judge, a doting grandfather, an attentive butler—these are all common caricatures of God. What is God really like? That’s the first question we’ll be answering starting this Sunday as we begin our series that will take us through the rest of the summer called Good Questions – Honest Answers.

Soccer Camp 2014 is officially in the history books! Attendance records were smashed. Songs were sung. Soccer skills were taught. Snacks were eaten. And most importantly, kids learned about Jesus. Thanks everyone who helped! If you haven’t seen them yet, I know you will enjoy checking out the fantastic pictures that were taken over the week. You can view them on our church Facebook page. (You don’t have to be on Facebook to view them.)

4th of July Parade:  Please join us for the Franklin 4th of July Parade next Friday, July 4th. Our VotL float will start on the east side of Loomis Road near the post office. (We will have a specific float number for you prior to the parade.) The…

Soccer Camp Sunday

For many of us, busyness makes the quest for balance in life challenging. Our busy routine can easily become a daily grind. But what if God became a part of our daily routine? Is that even possible?

That’s what we’ll be very practically exploring together this Sunday as we wrap up our series Modern Family. Join us in person or online! And if you haven’t had a chance yet, go ahead and check out the resources from the first couple messages in this series from our sermon series page.

Soccer Camp Sunday - This Sunday will also be special because it’s our soccer camp Sunday—which means the kids from soccer camp are all being invited to come and sing their soccer camp song, Christ Arose. Hopefully we’ll have a whole host of guests to welcome to church on Sunday!

By the way, soccer camp has been going very well this week despite the rain. We did have to cancel camp on Wednesday. Otherwise it’s been ok and the weather or soggy fields hasn’t done anything to dampen the fun we’ve …

From Off-Center to Christ-Centered

Today with digital photography it’s fairly easy to make sure you get a family picture where everyone in the photo is properly centered and everyone is in focus. But it wasn’t always this way. Family selfies weren’t always easy! But they were real, that’s for sure.

This Sunday we’ll be talking about how children are a tremendous blessing as well as an important responsibility. Yet what happens when children become the center of the home? What happens when the family gets off-center or out of focus?

Well, just like in old family photos where you couldn’t see that the family was off-center until after the film was developed, sometimes with real life families today it’s easy to get off-center, yet not always evident until later when you see how things develop.

So this Sunday we’re turning a corner in our Modern Family series to spend some time talking about parenting. We’ll look at some examples of what it looks like when a family gets off-center—when children act like pare…

D-Day and Family Feuds

A piece of family history that I just recently learned is that one of my Grandpa’s cousins, Arthur Doebert, is buried in Normandy, France. He was a member of the 101st Airborne Division. He died on June 7, 1944, from wounds suffered on D-Day.

What a day that was 70 years ago to the day as brave, young Allied soldiers changed the course of World War II. Thousands, however, died to secure that beachhead in Normandy as they made their way through bursts of deadly German gunfire. And so we honor them today whose courage and sacrifice to save the world is not forgotten.

I am grateful to God and likewise to all those who have died on our behalf that I haven’t had to personally experience what it is like to be in a battle like D-Day or a dreadful war like World War II. Yet without wanting to diminish the sacrifice of those who fought and died in an actual war like that, what we’re going to talk about this Sunday at church is an experience more common to us all. Family fights. F…