Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day and Family Feuds

A piece of family history that I just recently learned is that one of my Grandpa’s cousins, Arthur Doebert, is buried in Normandy, France. He was a member of the 101st Airborne Division. He died on June 7, 1944, from wounds suffered on D-Day.

What a day that was 70 years ago to the day as brave, young Allied soldiers changed the course of World War II. Thousands, however, died to secure that beachhead in Normandy as they made their way through bursts of deadly German gunfire. And so we honor them today whose courage and sacrifice to save the world is not forgotten.

I am grateful to God and likewise to all those who have died on our behalf that I haven’t had to personally experience what it is like to be in a battle like D-Day or a dreadful war like World War II. Yet without wanting to diminish the sacrifice of those who fought and died in an actual war like that, what we’re going to talk about this Sunday at church is an experience more common to us all. Family fights. Family conflict. Family wars even.

James, a writer of the New Testament, asks, “What causes fights and quarrels among you?” (James 4:1) And the word James uses for “fights” is literally the same word in the Greek language of the New Testament that means “wars.” Have you ever had a family fight? It’s not a battle like D-Day where the bullets came from deadly German guns. It’s a war of a different kind where relationship killing words often come from the mouths of spouses, children, and siblings.

This Sunday as we continue our series Modern Family we’ll be looking at principles from God’s word to help all of us navigate the common experience of dealing with family conflict. My prayer is that what we learn from the Bible will enable you to not just survive as a family, but ultimately…to begin to thrive!

Soccer Camp is almost here! A huge thank-you to everyone who has already signed up to donate items and to help at camp. Your generosity with your time and donations is greatly appreciated and critical to having a successful camp! And more importantly, to sharing the Gospel of Jesus with everyone who comes to camp.

We are still in need of a number of donations for daily snacks and cook-out food.  You can sign up here and click on the Needs tab. Please bring non-perishable donations to church. If you need to make arrangements to drop off donations, please e-mail Cassy. Perishable donations can be brought directly to camp on their assigned day or arrangements can be made to drop them off/pick them up.

     Friday-Watermelon and cook-out food

There are also a number of items we are hoping to borrow for Soccer Camp. For Friday’s cook-out we are looking to borrow a few more coolers and 1 more Nesco. For our Bible lesson series, Into the Wilderness, we are looking for some items to help us make the back of Polonia into the days of Moses. Specific items include:

     Tan or neutral colored sheets
     Woven blankets or mats
     Artificial Palm leaves / Palm Tree Decorations

If you have any items like this that we can borrow for the week, please e-mail Cassy.

Soccer Camp registration is now closed, as we have 130  kids signed up for camp!  If you are interested in volunteering, please sign-up here.

Bible Study – Frosty’s out of town this week so I’ll be filling in to teach this Sunday. We’re picking it up at John 14:15 if you wanted to read ahead of time what we’ll be going through. Just show up and join us at 8:09 in theater #6!

Bible 301 – Meets next this coming Thursday. Meeting at Harris Bank on 76th and Rawson at 6:30pm. Lesson is on Prayer.

New Bible 101 – Ok, I’m definitely planning on doing a “mix and match” class coming up to make it possible for as many people as possible to participate. I’m just having a hard time figuring out how this is going to work over the next couple weeks which are jam packed already. The realities of life might mean I have to aim for a mid-July start, but please don’t give up if you’ve been waiting for a new Bible 101 to start. It’s going to happen! I’m going to work on having a schedule soon for all the dates available to mix and match.

Things Moving and Shaking – Had of number of meetings and conversations this week regarding our building plans. So many things are coming together right now. I hope to be able to make some exciting announcements in July and then we’ll be able to share our plans more broadly to get your feedback in time for submitting our plans to the City in the Fall. Our anticipated timeline is that we would be able to begin construction in Spring of next year. In the last couple weeks God has been making it clear that this is an attainable goal made possible by His grace and unexpected blessings!

Last week’s service and sermon are archived here on our new church website. You can watch the service or download and read a pdf of the sermon. AND you can also download Sheep Squads materials that go along with the sermon which you could use for a family devotion or a Bible study with a neighbor in connection with watching or listening to the sermon.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben

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  1. Hello Pastor Ben, my name is Richard Albrecht. I was looking for information about Arthur E. Doebert also this weekend and came across your post. My father, Louis H. Albrecht, is a first cousin of Arthur's. His father, Louis A, and Arthur's mother, Matta, were sisters. My father still lives in Sheboygan. We would be interested to see what you all know about Arthur.

    If you would like to contact us, my email address is, and my dad's is