From Off-Center to Christ-Centered

Today with digital photography it’s fairly easy to make sure you get a family picture where everyone in the photo is properly centered and everyone is in focus. But it wasn’t always this way. Family selfies weren’t always easy! But they were real, that’s for sure.

This Sunday we’ll be talking about how children are a tremendous blessing as well as an important responsibility. Yet what happens when children become the center of the home? What happens when the family gets off-center or out of focus?

Well, just like in old family photos where you couldn’t see that the family was off-center until after the film was developed, sometimes with real life families today it’s easy to get off-center, yet not always evident until later when you see how things develop.

So this Sunday we’re turning a corner in our Modern Family series to spend some time talking about parenting. We’ll look at some examples of what it looks like when a family gets off-center—when children act like parents and when parents act like children. Once we’ve identified the problems of being off-center, then together we’ll focus in on some of God’s principles to help us move forward.

With God’s help, he’ll start moving our modern families from off-center to Christ-centered!

Big week ahead! Friends, this coming week is our 7th annual soccer Bible camp. This is big time, folks! We’ve got the most kids registered that we’ve ever had…by a lot. Please be sure and read Cassy’s request below for some opportunities to help out with donations.

But I’d also like to make a request specifically for two things. First of all, I’d ask for your prayers for God’s blessings to be upon our coaches, our helpers, and all the kids who we want to learn about Jesus. Second, Friday the 22nd is the final day of our camp. I’d like to welcome all of you from our church to stop by the Polonia Soccer Club to see what’s going on and especially starting around 3 pm to interact with all the families who will be there watching their kids scrimmage. Then at 4:30 pm we are having a cookout back behind Polonia and that’s a fantastic time to meet new people and encourage them to come check out our church if they don’t already have a church home.

Soccer Camp is almost here! A huge thank-you to everyone who has already signed up to donate items and to help at camp. Your generosity with your time and donations is greatly appreciated and critical to having a successful camp! And more importantly, to sharing the Gospel of Jesus with everyone who comes to camp.

We are still in need of a number of donations for daily snacks and cook-out food.  You can sign up here and click on the Needs tab. Please bring non-perishable donations to church. If you need to make arrangements to drop off donations, please e-mail Cassy. Perishable donations can be brought directly to camp on their assigned day or arrangements can be made to drop them off/pick them up.

     Friday-Watermelon and cook-out food

There are also a number of items we are hoping to borrow for Soccer Camp.  For Friday’s cook-out we are looking to borrow a few more coolers and 1 more Nesco.  For our Bible lesson series, Into the Wilderness, we are looking for some items to help us make the back of Polonia into the days of Moses. Specific items include:

     Tan or neutral colored sheets
     Woven blankets or mats
     Artificial Palm leaves / Palm Tree Decorations

If you have any items like this that we can borrow for the week, please e-mail Cassy.

Soccer Camp registration is now closed, as we have 130 kids signed up for camp!  If you are interested in volunteering, please sign-up here.

4th of July Parade:  We will once again have a float in the Franklin 4th of July Parade which takes place the morning of the 4th.  More details coming soon! If you can donate candy to hand out, please bring it to church.  There is a collection bucket in the lobby you can put it in.  Any kind of individually wrapped candy is great, except chocolate, which melts.  Thank-you!

Last week’s service and sermon are archived here on our church website.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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