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Oratio - Prayer Ideas and Helps

Last Sunday we began our Saturate series talking about a spiritual discipline called Oratio. Now don’t let the Latin word scare you off. Basically Oratio means prayer. It’s just talking to any time, for anyone, at any place, with any words. Not just big fancy church words. Simple words. Heartfelt words. Your words! Prayer can really be that simple, just weaving short requests of God throughout the day in your own words.

Of course, from my own experience, prayer doesn’t always end up being that easy. It takes intentionality and effort sometimes too. So here are a couple practical ideas that were shared with me this past week as well as a few of my own. See if there are any that you find helpful or share your own ideas with me because I could use the help and encouragement to pray more too.

Family Prayer Pail:  Find yourself one of those little metal pails that you can get from the dollar section at a store like Target. Write the names of your loved ones (friends and family) on…

Be Still with God

The world's just spinning
A little too fast
If things don't slow down soon we might not last.
So just for the moment, let's be still.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way! These are lyrics from a song I enjoy hearing on the radio called Let’s Be Still by the group The Head and the Heart.

Actually this is very relevant to what we’ll be learning this coming Sunday at church. Last week we started our Saturate series talking about how that which fills our hearts leads our lives. So this Sunday we’re going to talk about how in our fast paced world, we all need to learn to how to be “Be still” once in a while. Especially we need to learn how to “Be still” with bits of God’s Word to let it saturate our heads and our heats.

So my message on Sunday is hopefully going to be one of the most practical sermons I’ve ever preached. I’m going to help all of you learn how to make Meditatio or meditation a part of your every-day-walking-around life. Don’t miss this h…

Saturate Starts This Sunday

“What fills your heart leads your life.” It’s the “you are what you eat” of the mind. If I fill my heart and mind with negative emotions and thoughts about other people, with the pursuit of money or prestige, with images of violence or pornography, it’s going to poison my soul and impact my life in a decisively negative way.

On the other hand if I can find a way to saturate my heart and mind with the thoughts that come from God—soaking my soul with words that are true, that are noble, that are helpful, that are lovely, that are good…it’s going to spill over into blessings for my life. My soul is going to thrive.

That’s why this Sunday we’re starting a new series called Saturate. Join us the next three weeks as we learn three important spiritual disciplines that God uses to saturate us with his goodness and keep us growing in our faith.

6th-8th Grade / Junior High Confirmation Class - Starting Sunday, September 14th- After Bible Quest, we encourage all children 6-8th grade t…

Victory News and Updates

This Sunday we’re wrapping up our current summer series with a very timely question, “Why is there so much evil in the world?” Or maybe to make it a little more personal, “If God is in control and if he loves us so much, why do we face so much pain and trouble in our lives?” Join me this Sunday as I humbly and honestly try and walk with you down a path to see how God has been good to us, even in a world gone bad.

Bible 101 Awesomeness – Tuesday night I began a new Bible 101 group and there were 17 people in attendance! We packed full the conference room at CESI. This Saturday morning is the other option for class this week and I expect another 5-6 people to show up. So…in case you forgot to register for this “mix and match” Bible 101 group, there’s still time to do so if you can make tomorrow’s class. The idea is people can pick Tuesday evening or Saturday morning each week depending on what works best for their schedule. Just let me know if you’d like to hop in with the …

Victory News - Updates Galore

This summer we’ve been looking at some common questions people ask about God. Some of them are more, “I’m just sort of curious” kind of questions. Some of them are maybe more, “Hey, I’m really bothered by this” kind of questions.

This Sunday’s question might be one that’s more of the latter kind as we explore a good question a lot of people have today: “Don’t all paths lead to God?”

So whether this is just a curious question for you or a real sensitive one, I’m going to do my best to give you as honest an answer as I can from the Bible this week. Ultimately I hope to help you see how Jesus wants you to see him as the most uniquely all-inclusive Savior we could ever have, whose promises to us are more comforting than we could ever imagine!

So I welcome you to join me this Sunday at Showtime Cinema at just the right time…you got it, 9:09.

New “Mix and March” Bible 101Starting This Week! Register Now! — on Tuesday evenings (from 6:30-8:00 pm) and/or Saturday mornings (from 10-1…