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A Long Time Coming

If you’re like me, you’ve got an email inbox full of Black Friday offers right now. “Come today between 9-3.” “Use this promo code.” “Stock up on…” “Here are today’s deals.”

So in one respect this post by me, a pastor, might seem like just one more promotion you don’t have time for. On the other hand what I’m sharing today is an invitation for you to come enjoy a kingdom that money can’t buy.

This Sunday at 9:09 we’re starting a new series called A Long Time Coming. Join me at Showtime Cinema as we learn that what God really wants to give you this Christmas season is the gift of his peace.

Thanksgiving Fellowship MealA big thank you to everyone who helped make our gathering last Sunday at the Oak Creek Community Center Sunday night a great time! Over 100 people joined us for music, food, and fun.

Operation Jesus Cares Christmas Project –Tuesday morning, December 16th. We’re raising $2,000 for putting together Christmas care packages for one of the lowest income neighborhoo…

More Than Bricks

Dear Friends in Christ,

Whether it’s been with your prayers, your time, or your financial gifts over the years…thank you! There is no such thing as a prayer too simple or a gift too small when it comes from a heart filled to overflowing with God's grace.

This Day before Thanksgiving we want to share with you some of the recent blessings of God to Victory of the Lamb and some new opportunities He is putting before us.

Our Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner last Sunday at the Oak Creek Community Center was a great success—with well over 100 people attending. The music and entertainment, dinner and fellowship were enjoyed by all!

Last Sunday’s worship folder had said that there would be a big announcement at the event. So we talked about the Path to Victory appeal and the blessings that we’ve received through it—namely the purchase of 15 acres of land on Loomis Rd, as well as detailed due diligence for our future Ministry Center. 

But in case you missed the big announcement, here…

Victory News

Hello Friends,

The last couple weeks we’ve been talking about the importance of passing down a legacy of faith. Join us this Sunday as we wrap up our Legacy series with a rich appreciation of God’s grace and just what it means that God is in control of our lives.

Thanksgiving Fellowship MealA quick reminder for those of you who signed up that this Sunday evening is our annual Thanksgiving meal at the Oak Creek Community Center. Please note that there will also be a free will opportunity for you to donate to our Operation Jesus Cares Christmas Project.

Operation Jesus Cares Christmas Project –Tuesday morning, December 16th. We’re raising $2,000 for putting together Christmas care packages for one of the lowest income neighborhoods on the Southside of Milwaukee. We work with the elementary school kids from Christ-St Peter’s school to put these packages together and then deliver them door to door in their neighborhood. So please mark the date on your calendar, and consider vo…

Victory News - Priority: Eternity

Preach the gospel, die, and be forgotten.

Someone once told me that this should be a pastor’s motto. After further reflection, I tend to agree.

But I’ve thought about that little motto quite a bit over the years because who doesn’t want to be remembered? Isn’t that why we’re spending a couple weeks talking about how to leave a legacy?

Not exactly. Recall that as Jesus was dying on the cross, there were two criminals crucified alongside him. One of them said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom” (Luke 23:42). Remember me, Jesus. Why? Because that man wanted at least one person on earth to remember him after he was dead? No. Rather that man believed that the legacy Jesus was going to leave would be an eternal one. Jesus’ saving legacy would clean up the mess of his sins and cause him to outlive death. That criminal believed that because of Jesus he would get to live in God’s eternal kingdom when he died!

Well when you put it that way, all of sudden this leg…

VotL Christmas Eve with The Bridge at St. Paul's

Hi Friends,

Here’s an amazing thought…you ready? Next year at this time, God willing, we’ll be getting ready to have Christmas Eve in our about-to-be-completed ministry center! For real.

Until then, as you know well, we are limited in terms of the days and times we can worship at the movie theater. Christmas Eve, Good Friday, anything later than 9:09 on Sundays, etc.…we haven’t been able to have those special services.

But this year I just don’t want to miss out on having Christmas Eve with you all. We’ve got just so much to be thankful for and so many reasons to worship our Savior God. So we’re going to do something kind of special. This year, on Christmas Eve, Victory of the Lamb is partnering with our friends from St Paul’s in Muskego, in particular, their team that serves at The Bridge which is their ministry that meets in their new school gym.

We had a VotL Christmas Eve service in the gym at St Paul’s a couple years ago, but that was before The Bridge launched this p…

A Legacy of Integrity

Last Sunday was a great start to our Legacy series! I was super excited to get to preach to so many people because what we’re talking about is important. One family after church said, “Pastor Ben, I’m really glad we’re talking about these kinds of things. We need to be reminded what it’s really all about.”

So let’s keep it going this Sunday so that the legacy we pass on will be sound. This week we’ll be talking about integrity. What is it? What can you do when your integrity has been compromised? How can you yet leave a legacy of integrity? Join us Sunday for part 2 of our series!

*Special Missions Conversation This Sunday – As part of our upcoming capital campaign for our ministry center, we plan to include a significant Missions component. So this Sunday, November 9th, all of you are invited to join us in theater #6 before church at 8:09 am for a special 45 minute conversation regarding a couple different options for supporting Missions. We will be choosing to support o…