More Than Bricks

Dear Friends in Christ,

Whether it’s been with your prayers, your time, or your financial gifts over the years…thank you! There is no such thing as a prayer too simple or a gift too small when it comes from a heart filled to overflowing with God's grace.

This Day before Thanksgiving we want to share with you some of the recent blessings of God to Victory of the Lamb and some new opportunities He is putting before us.

Our Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner last Sunday at the Oak Creek Community Center was a great success—with well over 100 people attending. The music and entertainment, dinner and fellowship were enjoyed by all!

Last Sunday’s worship folder had said that there would be a big announcement at the event. So we talked about the Path to Victory appeal and the blessings that we’ve received through it—namely the purchase of 15 acres of land on Loomis Rd, as well as detailed due diligence for our future Ministry Center. 

But in case you missed the big announcement, here you go...

Path to Victory was intended to go through next June, but with current giving projections, we will reach our goal by year end. Praise God!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our Path to Victory appeal. If you made a financial commitment and are still in the process of finishing that commitment, that is wonderful. We encourage you to continue to participate in the Path to Victory campaign through the end of this year to help push us over our goal. If you were intending on completing your commitment in 2015, please read on to see where you can put those commitments to good use and prayerfully consider adding to them.

So, what now? The Lord has continued to overwhelm us with blessings that are making our goal of a Christmas 2015 service in our new Ministry Center closer to reality. While there will be more specific details to come, please let me whet your appetites with how good our God is. We already have over $700,000 committed in anonymous donor gifts and grants specifically allocated to the new Ministry Center from various people/foundations. They are very excited about our mission, and see what is possible with God's blessings!

What can we do? We are looking forward to rolling out our MORE THAN BRICKS campaign information, which some of you will be receiving in the mail in the next few days. That will be followed by a short presentation and more information at church at Showtime Cinema on Sunday, December 7th, so please highlight that on your calendar and make plans to attend on the 7th. While building our permanent Ministry Center is a key component, we are excited to share with you how this campaign is about so much MORE THAN BRICKS. Opportunities for prayers, time and talents, and financial support for our ministry center project as well as mission projects around the world will provide an amazing canvas for the Holy Spirit to inspire radical generosity in our members and ministry supporters.

We look forward to sharing more information with you about the campaign and how we have the unique opportunity to share Christ's victory with Franklin and the whole world for generations to come through it.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving in Christ Jesus!

Jeff Guenther, More Than Bricks Campaign Team
Ben Kuerth, Pastor


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