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Hello Friends,

The last couple weeks we’ve been talking about the importance of passing down a legacy of faith. Join us this Sunday as we wrap up our Legacy series with a rich appreciation of God’s grace and just what it means that God is in control of our lives.

Thanksgiving Fellowship Meal A quick reminder for those of you who signed up that this Sunday evening is our annual Thanksgiving meal at the Oak Creek Community Center. Please note that there will also be a free will opportunity for you to donate to our Operation Jesus Cares Christmas Project.

Operation Jesus Cares Christmas Project –Tuesday morning, December 16th. We’re raising $2,000 for putting together Christmas care packages for one of the lowest income neighborhoods on the Southside of Milwaukee. We work with the elementary school kids from Christ-St Peter’s school to put these packages together and then deliver them door to door in their neighborhood. So please mark the date on your calendar, and consider volunteering for this event! If you have young kids, they are welcome to come as well.  To donate to the project, simply use your OJC envelope or make an online donation through the church website.

Create Your Own Personal/Family Crest Challenge – Don’t forget that during this Legacy series, you all are invited to create your own personal/family crest, or coat-of-arms, picturing the things that are most important to you and that you want to pass on. Details about the challenge as well as the coat-of-arms template can be found here. Please feel free to email me your family crest! And...everyone who submits an entry will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a restaurant gift card handed out after church on Sunday, November 23rd!

Thanksgiving Worship Options—Since we don’t have our own Thanksgiving services at Showtime Cinema here are a couple local options for you to worship this coming week:

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Muskego (Janesville Rd and Tess Corners)—Wednesday evening 11/26 at 6:30 pm or Thursday morning 11/27 at 9:30 am

St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Franklin (51st and Rawson)—Wednesday evening 11/26 at 6:30 pm or Thursday morning 11/27 at 10:00 am

St Jacobi Lutheran Church in Greenfield (84th and Forest Home)—Wednesday evening 11/26 at 7:00 pm or Thursday morning 11/27 at 9:30 am

Kayla’s Krew Design Day—On December 4th Kayla’s Krew will be having their design day for their playground. The unveiling of their design will take place that evening starting with refreshments at 5:30 pm at Ben Franklin Elementary School here in Franklin. The whole community is invited to attend! Here’s a flyer with more info.

My written sermon on Leaving a Legacy That Lasts For Eternity from last Sunday can be found here on our website. My apologies but we weren’t able to get the live stream running this past Sunday so we don’t have a recorded version.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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