VotL Christmas Eve with The Bridge at St. Paul's

Hi Friends,

Here’s an amazing thought…you ready? Next year at this time, God willing, we’ll be getting ready to have Christmas Eve in our about-to-be-completed ministry center! For real.

Until then, as you know well, we are limited in terms of the days and times we can worship at the movie theater. Christmas Eve, Good Friday, anything later than 9:09 on Sundays, etc.…we haven’t been able to have those special services.

But this year I just don’t want to miss out on having Christmas Eve with you all. We’ve got just so much to be thankful for and so many reasons to worship our Savior God. So we’re going to do something kind of special. This year, on Christmas Eve, Victory of the Lamb is partnering with our friends from St Paul’s in Muskego, in particular, their team that serves at The Bridge which is their ministry that meets in their new school gym.

We had a VotL Christmas Eve service in the gym at St Paul’s a couple years ago, but that was before The Bridge launched this past year. So we’re going to team up with them to be able to invite you all for an extra special Christmas Eve service at 6 pm on December 24th at the Trinity Gym at St Paul’s in Muskego. It’s a big, spacious place and we’re going to get together as brothers and sisters in Christ for a very special service celebrating God’s love in Christ.

I’ll be preaching. I’m honored to have that opportunity. Pastor John Backus from St Paul’s will lead the worship team and plan the special music. We’ll be working together to coordinate the worship service. And I’ll be sending out more info to our music team and Victory Café team soon with invitations to serve on a completely voluntary, joyful basis depending on who is willing and able to serve.

There will be no extra pressure on any of our volunteers. St Paul’s will be taking the lead with most of the set-up and tech. There’s not going to be any Bible Quest or Kids Club programming. Basically you all are invited to come with your families and enjoy worshiping Jesus with us as God gives you the opportunity.

More info to come, but I just wanted to put that on your radar for Christmas Eve, 6 pm at the Trinity Gym at St Paul’s in Muskego.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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